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Edexcel A-level Chemistry Revision Notes

These Edexcel A-Level Chemistry revision notes have been compiled to support you in your chemistry revision. Split into topics, they can provide a quick revision recap or help you in writing your own notes.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

Should I write my own Edexcel A-Level Chemistry revision notes?

You can do but make sure that you aren't doing it because you feel you have to. Your notes should help you to internalise the information. You could also create flashcards or record your notes to listen to.

What is covered on the Edexcel A-Level Chemistry exam?

Topics in the exam include Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, Bonding and Structure, Redox, Inorganic Chemistry and the Periodic Table, Formulae, Equations and Amounts of Substance, Energetics, Equilibrium, Acid-base Equilibria, Transition Metals, Organic Chemistry, Kinetics and Modern Analytical Techniques.

How long is the Edexcel A-Level Chemistry exam?

Students are required to take two papers. Paper 1: Advanced Inorganic and Physical Chemistry has a maximum time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Paper 2: Advanced Organic and Physical Chemistry also has a maximum time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.