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    Experienced Phonics tutor
    Experienced Phonics tutor
    University of Oxford
    Economics and Management
    2nd Year
    TSA: Sat TSA and got in top 10%11+/13+: Got admission with a top scholarshipChemistry: Did for A-level and achieved A*Maths: Did for A-level and achieved AEconomics: Did for A-level and achieved A*Oxbridge Apps/Interview: Got Oxford admission

    Hi, I’m Lahari, and I’m currently in my 2nd year of studying Economics and Management at the University of Oxford. I am at Jesus College and have taken Economics, Management and Finance modules in first year and have narrowed down to Strategic Management, Microeconomics, Organisational Behaviour, Macroeconomics, Quantitative Economics, Global Business History, Marketing, Economics of Developing Countries for my 2nd and 3rd Year modules. Outside of my degree, I am a First Aider and youth advocate for St John Ambulance and do a lot of voluntary work for them as well as having been a National EDI Chair for the organisation for 3 years. I love to play Badminton in my free time and enjoy Indian dancing (bharatanatyam & bollywood). I also do a lot of charity work – I have volunteer tutored with Coachbright for underprivileged kids as well as raising over £500 for Homelessness Oxfordshire. At GCSE I got all 8s & 9s with 6 Grade 9s (Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Spanish) and 4 Grade 8s .

    Experienced Phonics tutor
    Experienced Phonics tutor
    St. George's University
    UCAT: Offers from all UCAT UnisBMAT: Offers from all BMAT UnisInterview: Offers from All London Medical SchoolsGraduate Medicine: Offer Holder For GEMGCSE: Straight A*sGCSE: Full Marks in Triple Science

    I am a dedicated and accomplished tutor on the forefront of medical school application support. With an array of accolades, including acceptance offers for both undergraduate and graduate medicine programs, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to guide aspiring medical students through the intricate journey of application and examination preparation.

    Having navigated the demanding terrain of medical school entrance exams such as the UCAT and BMAT, I am well-versed in the nuances and challenges that these tests present. My multi-faceted journey has endowed me with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in mastering these exams, enabling me to effectively impart my knowledge and strategies to the students I mentor.

    Over the course of three years, I have had the privilege of tutoring over 100 students from diverse backgrounds, spanning various exam boards, subjects, and proficiency levels. This diverse exposure has honed my ability to tailor my teaching methodologies to suit the unique needs and learning styles of each individual. From those just starting their journey to those seeking to refine their skills further, I am adept at guiding students at all points along the learning spectrum.

    One of my areas of specialisation lies in supporting students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), where my extensive mentoring experience of SEN students has equipped me with the patience, adaptability, and compassion necessary to facilitate the growth and progress of every student, regardless of their challenges. My commitment to inclusivity and empowerment ensures that each student receives the guidance and support they require to thrive.

    In summary, my comprehensive background in medicine, coupled with my proficiency in entrance exam strategies, extensive tutoring experience, and specialised support for students with SEN, positions me as a tutor uniquely equipped to help aspiring medical students realise their ambitions. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and make a meaningful impact on the journey toward a successful medical career.

    Experienced Phonics tutor
    Experienced Phonics tutor
    University of Nottingham
    2nd Year
    10 ratings
    Achieved A*A*AA at A levelAchieved A* in EPQAll 4 offers from university

    I am a 2nd year medical student who is extremely passionate and dedicated towards my role as a tutor. Over the many years, I have been able to acquire a surplus of skills that I am eager to share to my students. I have achieved 2A*s and 2As at ALevel, 5 A**s, 4A*s and 2As at GCSE. I can offer SATS, 11+, GCSE and A level tuition in a range of subjects such as Sciences, Maths and English. Alongside this, I also offer BMAT and UCAT tuition (medical school entrance exams).
    As someone who is a high achiever I have a very good understanding of what is required to obtain effective revision and I am confident that I will pass these skills on to my students.
    In terms of my own experience, I have tutored for two years at my local tuition centre as well as my school. I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that I have had on these students hence I would like this rewarding outcome to continue.

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    Discover more Phonics tutors below, we offer a selection of 827 highly qualified tutors for you to choose from

    Experienced Phonics tutor
    Experienced Phonics tutor
    University of Oxford
    6 ratings
    Oxford Law graduate and Scholar28/42 in LNAT (average is 21/42)Job offers from Magic Circle Law Firms4 A* at A Levels10 A* at GCSE.

    I have just graduated from the University of Oxford. I have been tutoring for four years. I am a Scholar and have 4 A* at A Level and 10 A* at GCSE. I hold job offers from Magic Circle Law Firms and top Barrister Chambers. I would love to help you prepare yourself for Oxbridge applications and interviews, and reach top grades at GSCE and A-Level.

    I can support you in tailoring your application to Oxbridge, ensuring flow and personality in your personal statement, and focussing on your individual strengths and abilities. We can write the statement together or edit the first draft to reach the final product that you are happy to send off.

    I have written 500 LNAT style questions and film video LNAT tutorials for Law Mind UK, I have plenty of tips and tricks to get you up to speed on the LNAT exam.

    At GCSE and A-Level, I can help you consolidate the basics and extend yourself to trickier topics and questions. I can help you memorise content and understanding the course more deeply so that revision comes more naturally and the exams go smoothly.

    Experienced Phonics tutor
    Experienced Phonics tutor
    University of London
    Data Science and Business Analytics
    4 ratings
    Achieved 6 9s and 2 8s at GCSEA* A* A A at A-LevelFirst Class Honors in BSc Data ScienceReceived offer from QMUL

    Hello! I’m a recent graduate who has just finished my final year exams for a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics. I have a strong passion for mathematics and statistics, and I’m captivated by the fascinating field of data science! I also have experience teaching primary and secondary mathematics, which stems from my passion for the subject.

    With a strong foundation in both theory and practical applications, I’m eager to share my expertise and help students navigate the exciting landscape of Mathematics, English and other key subjects. My academic background has equipped me with a deep understanding of statistical methods, data analysis, and the art of transforming raw data into actionable insights, which I hope to share with the students I teach.

    I am dedicated to creating a learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also makes the journey enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

    Experienced Phonics tutor
    Experienced Phonics tutor
    University of Glasgow
    3rd Year
    2 ratings
    Offer from University of GlasgowOffer from University of DundeeOffer from University of AberdeenAAA at Advanced Higher SubjectsAward for highest Chemistry score in my yearAward for highest Mathematics score in my yearTop 10% in ARBand 1 SJT score

    Hello! My name is Shimza Ali, and I am a 3rd year medic at the University of Glasgow. I am passionate about teaching and learning, and I hope to make you just as motivated! Before I applied to Medical School, I gained some tutoring experience at both a tutoring organisation, as well as volunteering for a volunteering tutoring organisation to offer educational support for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. I found this to be an extremely rewarding experience to see pupils grow in confidence, as well as seeing their progress in their studies. I have worked with a wide range of pupils of different age groups and abilities and I relish the opportunity to support other aspiring medics in their transition to medical school! In my free time, I enjoy doing various activities including volunteering, arts and crafts and badminton which has helped me to grow as a well-organised, supportive and creative individual. I hope to support students by tailoring teaching towards their specific needs, strengths and weaknesses, as well as gaining confidence. I have also further developed my interpersonal skills such as communication skills as well as leadership skills through being a student mentor for aspiring medics at my university. This has meant that I have been able to help support and offer application advice for school pupils, and I hope to bring the same forward here!

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    Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

    What is Phonics?

    Phonics is a method used to teach children how to read and write by focusing on the sounds that make up words. It involves teaching the relationships between letters (graphemes) and the sounds they represent (phonemes). By learning phonics, children can decode and spell words more effectively, which is a fundamental skill in developing strong reading and writing abilities.

    How much do Phonics tutors cost per hour?

    The cost of a Phonics tutor can vary depending on their qualifications and experience. Generally, private tutors charge between £30.00 and £50.00 per hour, with online lessons often slightly cheaper than in-person lessons

    Can you take Phonics lessons online?

    Yes, you can take Phonics lessons online! All of our tutors offer online tutoring, most of them through our state-of-the-art online classroom which has been built by us to meet all your needs.

    How can I support my child when learning Phonics?

    To support your child when learning phonics, start by reading together regularly. Choose phonics-based books that emphasise letter-sound relationships. Additionally, engage in fun activities like playing word games, using flashcards, and sounding out words in everyday situations. Lastly, provide a positive and encouraging environment, praising your child's efforts and progress to boost their confidence in phonics learning.

    Our students say

    As a parent, I couldn't be more pleased with Study Mind's phonics tutoring for my child. The tutor was patient and skilled at teaching phonics in a way that made learning enjoyable.
    The phonics teacher made a significant difference in my child's reading abilities. Their expertise in phonics instruction was evident, and they tailored lessons to suit my child's learning pace. The interactive resources have been invaluable in reinforcing phonics skills. I'm delighted with the progress my child has made thanks to Study Mind.
    The phonics tutor was not only knowledgeable but also compassionate and attentive to my child's needs. The structured phonics lessons were engaging and my child had so much fun. Their reading and pronunciation skills have improved significantly.
    The phonics tutor was skilled at breaking down phonics concepts and fostering a love for reading. The interactive online sessions and supplemental resources enriched the learning experience. I couldn't be happier with the progress my child has made, and I highly recommend Study Mind to fellow parents seeking quality phonics instruction.