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Helena A

I loved my experience with Study Mind. The tutors were very friendly, and I liked how they tailored the approach to my weaknesses, with regular homework and testing in between the Zoom 1-1 lessons.


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      Experienced tutor
      Experienced tutor
      University of Glasgow
      iBSc Year
      51 ratings
      Top 10% UCAT ScoreSJT Band 1QR Score: 780AR Score: 7405 A1s at Higher3 A1s at Advanced HigherOffer from AberdeenOffer from EdinburghOffer from Glasgow

      Hello, I’m Callum, a medical student at the University of Glasgow School of Medicine currently intercalating in Emergency Medicine at the University of Plymouth, based in Manchester. Having gone through the process myself, I understand how difficult and stressful applying to medicine can be and I’m looking forward to helping you with all aspects of the medical admission process from UCAT to interviews.

      I have an interest in Intensive Care, A&E and Academic Medicine, including Medical Education. I’m passionate about guiding medical applicants throughout their journey to medical school and developing my teaching skills which will be very useful in my medical career.

      Aside from medicine, I’m a keen dinghy sailor and I regularly sail and race at a club level whilst enjoying the social aspect of sailing and university life. I am involved in lots of University Societies and sit on a number of committees.

      Last year I was the Captain of GUSC (Glasgow University Sailing Club) which runs and competes at competitive sailing events across the UK and the Co-President of Epsilon Year Club which is the society for the 3rd Year Medical Students at Glasgow University and runs social and educational events for our year included an annual ball.

      For the past two years, I have sat on the SSLC (Staff Student Liason Committee) which represents medical students and ensures their concerns is raised with Medical School staff and have previously sat on the Hosptial Subdeans Committee which discusses matters relating to clinical placements.

      I look forward to helping you with your UCAT, Interview and beyond, best of luck with your application!

      Experienced tutor
      Experienced tutor
      University of Bristol
      5th Year
      69 ratings
      Top 10% UCAT scoreTop 5% in QR and DM (800+)Top 10% in S1 (6+)Offer from BristolOffer from SheffieldOffer from SouthamptonA*A*A*A at A-Level10 A*s/9s at GCSE

      Hello, I am Asha and I am a fourth year medical student at the University of Bristol. I have ample experience tutoring – I have taught in excess of 500 hours with Medic Mind, and I have worked alongside a wide range of students with different learning styles. Having tutored for a few years, I am very familiar with the UCAT, BMAT and application process. Personally, I obtained a very high UCAT score, high BMAT score and all four interviews. The interviews which I had were a mixture of MMI, panel and group interviews, so I have first hand experience in all of the different types, and I also know what to expect from them! It can be a very stressful process, but I look forward to working with you, to help you with the more difficult aspects and draw on my own experiences as an applicant, tutor and current medical student. I have also spent time helping students with subjects especially at GCSE and A-Level, where I have found taking a personalised approach to each student has been very useful. This helps to identify weakness, clearly explain and practice these areas alongside the other concepts in the syllabus. I have also taught chess for several years, drawing on my own experience as an international chess player at junior level.


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        Shanaya MShanaya M
        Brilliant tutors, and generally just a great experience! Special thanks to Maya, Julia and Greg for their fantastic tuition for my daughter. I like how the team go the extra mile with their prompt communication and progress updates.
        Mikel LMikel L
        The Study Mind team were very friendly, and always at hand to help me out. Elisa was a personal mentor, helping to motivate and mentor me through my exams - thank you!
        Priya MPriya M
        I really liked the materials and homework I received between my tutoring lessons with my tutor, Naseem. The personal WhatsApp group meant I could communicate very quickly and they always replied instantly. Thanks guys!

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          🤔Who are your IB Biology tutors?

          Our IB Biology tutors are university students who have themselves sat the IB Biology course. They also have plenty of experience tutoring and mentoring students such as yourself.

          💻Where will the lessons take place?

          Our IB Biology course is sat from the comfort of your own home, via video calls, and with maximum flexibility. This way, you can prioritize your revision without sacrificing any other activities or commitments.

          🌍In which locations do you provide IB Biology courses?

          Our IB Biology courses are available to students across the UK! Our Biology tutors work virtually to bring the classroom to you! This is the full list of services we provide in the UK:

          IB Biology Tutors in London, IB Biology Tutors in Newcastle, IB Biology Tutors in Oxford, IB Biology Tutors in Birmingham, IB Biology Tutors in Cambridge, IB Biology Tutors in Cardiff, IB Biology Tutors in Nottingham, IB Biology Tutors in Chelmsford, IB Biology Tutors in Belfast, IB Biology Tutors in Edinburgh, IB Biology Tutors in Glasgow, IB Biology Tutors in Manchester, IB Biology Tutors in Sheffield, IB Biology Tutors in Reading, IB Biology Tutors in Bristol, IB Biology Tutors in Reading - and much more!

          📝Should I take IB Biology?

          IB Biology is a fantastic course focused on plant and animal sciences with a focus on the application of biological concepts to various scenarios. You should take IB Biology, preferably at a higher level, if you intend to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Biomedical Engineering etc at university.

          📚Is IB Biology hard?

          IB Biology, alongside the other IB science courses, are amongst the harder of the IB subjects. However, effective study methods and a passionate approach to the subject will make the course much easier

          🗺️I’m an international student, is that an issue?

          Not at all! Our IB Biology course reflects the diversity of the baccalaureate. Consequently, we provide services internationally, including:

          IB Biology Tutors in London, IB Biology Tutors in Australia, IB Biology Tutors in Singapore, IB Biology Tutors in India, IB Biology Tutors in New Zealand, IB Biology Tutors in Canada, IB Biology Tutors in America, IB Biology Tutors in Dubai, IB Biology Tutors in Hong Kong, IB Biology Tutors in Melbourne, IB Biology Tutors in Sydney - and much more!