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GCSE Business Studies Revision Notes

GCSE Business Studies revision notes provide a quick reference guide, helping you to quickly access important information for each topic. If you’re looking to test your newfound knowledge, you can practise exam questions with our bank of past papers.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

How can I effectively revise for business case studies in the GCSE Business Studies exam?

Analyze case studies by identifying key issues, stakeholders, and possible solutions. Create detailed notes that summarize each case study and link these to relevant business concepts and theories.

What strategies can I use to understand financial statements and business calculations?

Practice interpreting balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Calculate financial ratios and use them to evaluate a company's performance. Solve business calculations regularly to reinforce your mathematical skills and understanding of financial concepts.

How can I improve my understanding of marketing and business strategy concepts for the GCSE Business Studies exam?

Studying real-world examples of marketing campaigns and business strategies will help to make sense of these concepts. Create mind maps or diagrams to visualize marketing principles, such as the marketing mix (4Ps). Practice analyzing market research data and identifying marketing opportunities.