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I loved my experience with Study Mind. The tutors were very friendly, and I liked how they tailored the approach to my weaknesses, with regular homework and testing in between the Zoom 1-1 lessons.


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    Experienced TOEFL tutor
    Experienced TOEFL tutor
    King's College London, University of London
    4th Year
    65 ratings
    AAA*A* at A-levelsoffer from KCLoffer from Plymouth9 GCSEshelped over 20 students to get offers860 in ARsilver awardMentor850 in QRA* in Biologyoffer from leedsoffer from Sheffieldoffer from Liverpooloffer from Newcastle

    Helloooo Everyone,
    My name is Mohammad and I’m a 4th year dental student at KCL. I am a hard worker, determined and delighted student who is willing to share my knowledge with you. I have achieved AAA*A* in my A-level subjects which are biology, chemistry, maths and Persian. I also did 9 GCSES with A grade in maths, sciences and English. I always try to inspire my students and make them to believe in their abilities and skills.

    I have taught for the past three years and all of my students managed to achieve their target grade.
    I follow a really unique method for my teaching. For the first part the session, I usually teach and go through everything, then I asses my students to make sure they understood everything and if there is any problem I will explain it again before I leave. Usually, I set some homework to make my students more familiar with exam style questions.

    I have a experience of teaching most of the exam boards in depth and I’m always happy to help more students. I have experience of teaching for over two years and all of my students achieved their target grade. Every single student have the skills to achieve the best with the right mentoring. I did a mentoring course in August 2020. This helped me to understand my students better and set an unique learning plan for each one of them as I believe every student has different abilities and based on those abilities, I would approach in order to accomplish a better result.

    Experienced TOEFL tutor
    Experienced TOEFL tutor
    Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
    45 ratings
    Interview - offers from Liverpool and RCSIGCSE - Tutored year 7s and 8sA levels - Tutored year 12 Biology studentsMedical School - tutoring medical students

    Hi, my name is Joanna a current Foundation Year 1 doctor eager to connect with you to create a learning environment that best fits your learning style and helps you achieve your dreams.

    The road to medicine can be long, however, my aim is to pass down the wealth of knowledge that I have gained over the years to ensure that your journey will be one where you enjoy the application process and cultivate long terms skills to help you as you enter medicine. Building up endurance and stamina for this journey can only be done with the right level of guidance and advice.

    Know that you do not have to go through this process alone and that we are here for you to support every need you have during this path.

    Apart from medicine, I have a love for languages and often take pride in the number of languages I am able to communicate. I enjoy teaching IELTS and have helped a significant number of students get through this exam with higher scores than they aspired for.

    I hope you are ready to embark on this journey together. Be ready to come to each session eager to learn and walk out of the session inspired to learn more.

    Experienced TOEFL tutor
    Experienced TOEFL tutor
    University of London
    Data Science and Business Analytics
    11 ratings
    Achieved 6 9s and 2 8s at GCSEA* A* A A at A-LevelFirst Class Honors in BSc Data ScienceReceived offer from QMUL

    Hello! I’m a recent graduate who has just finished my final year exams for a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics. I have a strong passion for mathematics and statistics, and I’m captivated by the fascinating field of data science! I also have experience teaching primary and secondary mathematics, which stems from my passion for the subject.

    With a strong foundation in both theory and practical applications, I’m eager to share my expertise and help students navigate the exciting landscape of Mathematics, English and other key subjects. My academic background has equipped me with a deep understanding of statistical methods, data analysis, and the art of transforming raw data into actionable insights, which I hope to share with the students I teach.

    I am dedicated to creating a learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also makes the journey enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

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      Experienced TOEFL tutor
      Experienced TOEFL tutor
      King's College London, University of London
      8 ratings
      28 on LNAT (16% higher than cohort)Student LLB offers received: Bristol & KCL2022 Prize for Advanced Ethics & Politics (KCL)Jelf Medal (KCL)A* at A-level (French)First class degree (Philosophy)

      After graduating with a Philosophy BA (first class) from King’s College London, I worked in commercial law for one of the world’s leading tech companies for a period of one year, before leaving to pursue my own entrepreneurial career in app development.

      LNAT tutoring: I have secured entry to Bristol University and King’s College London for LNAT students, helping them achieve marks of 26+.

      French tutoring: I am a native French speaker and obtained A* at A-level French (native speaker exam) as well as A* at GCSE. I have acted as French teacher and curriculum designer to home-schooled students, helping them to achieve A at A-level, as well as securing multiple high-scoring IB and GCSE results.

      Legal experience: I have completed mini-pupillages at top commercial law chambers such as Quadrant Chambers and Four New Square, and won several moot court competitions both within King’s College and representing the university on the European stage, all of which has given me extensive academic and professional legal experience.

      Experienced TOEFL tutor
      Experienced TOEFL tutor
      University of New South Wales
      1st Year
      5 ratings
      A* A* A* A* A at A-level including EPQOffer from Monash UniversityOffer from UNSWOffer from University of Western Australia

      Hello! I’m Nandini, a second year medical student at UNSW. I have experience preparing students for their MMI and panel interviews at the University of Adelaide, Bond University, UNSW, the University of Melbourne, and Monash University. I am familiar with the qualities medical schools are looking for in applicants, and have a lot of experience with preparing for medical school interviews, so am ready to help you practice answering a range of questions till you’re confident. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about life at medical school if you’re considering applying for medicine too! I have over two years of experience tutoring high school students, including those who use English as a second language, so I can help you consolidate the knowledge you have learnt in school, and be more confident in your subjects and tests. I am described as friendly, optimistic, and persistent by my students, so I’ll do my best while working with you so you can achieve your goals and beyond.

      Experienced TOEFL tutor
      Experienced TOEFL tutor
      University of Oxford
      BA in History
      4 ratings
      Interview: Oxford St. Andrews UCL LSE offersOnly student at school with an Oxbridge offerOxford offer for postgraduate studyconsulted on Oxbridge applications

      I recently graduated with a Masters in Global and Imperial History from the University of Oxford in June 2023 after having completed my Bachelors in History from Oxford in June 2022. At university, I was involved with various student societies, most recently having completed my term as Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Review of Books. Currently on a gap year, I am looking forward to tutoring students interested in academic study at Oxford or Cambridge, with a particular focus on the Humanities. I would love to hear from students who require extra help with school or academic work. Equally, I would be happy to provide ‘liberal arts’ tutoring for students interested in the Humanities that goes beyond the limits of a school curriculum and introduces them to the vast diversity of subjects and skills that the Humanities has to offer. This knowledge can be especially useful for students while writing EPQs or other forms of coursework as well as providing a good foundation before embarking on undergraduate study.


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        Asma ReyezAsma Reyez
        The teaching is great by my tutor and I'm able to understand the topics I didn't understand in class. She is also really friendly so I can ask all my questions without any worry.
        I would have to rate my experience 5/5. I feel like I've really been able to connect with the tutors and learn so much with there help feels like I would of never of gotten too this stage without them. Been a real pleasure to work with them.
        The tutoring is great to be honest.The Tutors are really helpful and ensure that we fully understand the topics before moving on. As students, we have full control of what we want to cover in each lesson. It's been a great experience and my improvements have been evident. Would definitely recommend

        Trusted by Schools and Universities

        Bristol University • King’s College University • St. Barts • Peter Symonds College
        NHS Cardiff and Vale • ​Queen Elizabeth Boys • Cheltenham Ladies College • Cardiff 6th Form College
        Kingston Grammar • Swanlea School • Leyton Sixth Form • Morpeth School • Burntwood School
        Hampstead School • Sutton Grammar • St. Paul’s Way • Robert Clack School
        Hailsham Community College • RefuAid •​ Melanin Medics

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          🧑‍🏫Who are our TOEFL tutors?

          Our expert TOEFL tutors have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. Our tutors will provide you with the skills and strategies you need to succeed on the TOEFL exam. With our experienced tutors, you can be confident that you will gain the skills you need to pass the TOEFL exam.

          🌟What is the TOEFL Exam?

          The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an academic English language assessment for non-native English speakers with the intent of studying at universities and other institutions in English-speaking countries. The test measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use and understand English in an academic setting.

          ⚖️Why is TOEFL important?

          TOEFL is important because it is one of the most widely accepted English language proficiency tests by colleges and universities around the world. It is used to measure an individual's ability to read, write, listen and speak English at an academic level. It is also a requirement for numerous scholarship and visa applications.

          📝How many sections are in TOEFL Test?

          The TOEFL is divided into four sections, each of which carries a maximum score of 30 points: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

          ✨ What is a good TOEFL Test score?

          A good TOEFL score varies depending on the institution you are applying to. Generally speaking, a score of 80 or above is considered good. However, some universities may require a higher score to qualify you for admission, and others may accept a lower score. It is best to consult with the institution you are applying to directly to determine the minimum score they require for admission.

          ⏰How long is a TOEFL Test exam?

          The TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test) exam typically takes between 3 and 4 hours. It consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The test length depends on the type of test (paper-based or computer-based), the number of questions, and the number of test-takers. The paper-based TOEFL exam is typically 3 hours and 15 minutes, while the computer-based TOEFL exam is typically 3 hours and 20 minutes.

          ✍️How long will it take to improve my TOEFL score?

          It depends on your current score and your goals. Generally, students can make a significant improvement in their TOEFL score with 3-6 months of dedicated preparation. For a student aiming for a score of 90+, it may take more time, up to a year of preparation. It is pertinent to note that your TOEFL score is a reflection of your English proficiency, so it is important to focus on improving your English language skills in addition to studying for the exam.

          📚Why would you take a TOEFL Test?

          As an assessment of English language proficiency for people whose native language is not English, TOEFL is typically required for admission to universities and other higher education programs in countries where English is the main language of instruction. Many employers also require TOEFL scores for job applications.

          🤔Which aspect of TOEFL is the most difficult?

          The most difficult aspect of the TOEFL is the speaking section. It requires test takers to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English, and they are evaluated on their pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency.

          The speaking section is usually the most challenging part of the exam for non-native English speakers. It is important to practice speaking English in a variety of contexts in order to prepare for the TOEFL.

          🧩How Difficult is the TOEFL Exam?

          The TOEFL exam can be difficult for some people, depending on their English language skills. Generally, the exam tests a person's ability to read, listen to, speak, and write in English. Most people find that they need to study and practice in order to get a good score. In general, the more prepared you are, the better you will do on the exam.

          📑What is the format of the TOEFL exam?

          The TOEFL exam consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Each section is designed to measure the test-taker’s ability to use and understand English in a real-world context.

          🤷What is the minimum TOEFL score required for admission to a university?

          The minimum TOEFL score required for admission to a university varies depending on the institution. Generally, universities require a minimum score of 80-90 points for undergraduate admission and 90-100 points for graduate admission.

          🏫How Does The TOEFL Tutoring work?

          Our TOEFL tutoring typically involves one-on-one instruction from qualified tutor. The tutor will assess your current English proficiency, design a customized program to help them improve their English language skills and prepare for the TOEFL exam, and provide guidance and feedback throughout the tutoring process.

          Depending on your needs, the tutor may provide instruction in areas such as grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, and writing. The tutor may also provide practice tests and other materials to help you prepare for the actual TOEFL exam.

          🌟Why is tutoring important for TOEFL Exam? Can't I self study?

          Tutoring can be an important part of preparing for the TOEFL exam.

          Our tutors can provide personalized feedback and help with specific problem areas. They can also provide guidance on the best strategies to use when taking the exam. While it is possible to self-study, our tutors can be beneficial to help identify areas of strength and weakness and provide guidance on how to improve.