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GCSE Spanish 1-1 Tutors

Aiming for a 9 in GCSE French? Work with the UK’s leading GCSE Spanish tutors and be on your way to acing your exam. Get started today

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Helena A

I loved my experience with Study Mind. The tutors were very friendly, and I liked how they tailored the approach to my weaknesses, with regular homework and testing in between the Zoom 1-1 lessons.


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      Experienced Spanish tutor
      Experienced Spanish tutor
      Saint George's Hospital Medical School, University of London
      1st Year
      UCAT: VR-700UCAT: DM-750UCAT: SJ-Band 1GAMSAT: Section I-67GAMSAT: Section II-70GAMSAT: Section III-60GAMSAT Top 22% (64)English Literature GCSE-grade 9 A-Level A*Spanish GCSE-grade 8Biology GCSE-grade 8Chemistry GCSE - grade 7Biochemistry BSC(Hons) 2:1

      Hi! My name is Rosa. I am a first year Graduate Entry Medicine student at St George’s University of London. I previously studied medical biochemistry Bsc(Hons) at Swansea University.

      As I have recently gone through the medical school entry process, I am well versed in the current admissions process, including both panel and MMI interviews, as well as the UCAT and GAMSAT.

      I am also eager to help students improve their academic abilities right from the 11+ admissions test, all the way through to GCSE and A-Level exams, ensuring that students have the confidence in both content and exam technique to answer exam questions to a high standard that will provide a solid basis for the admissions process.

      Despite having a largely scientific background, I am also interested in the humanities, particularly English Literature and Spanish, and offering tutoring in these subjects up to A-Levels and GCSEs, respectively.

      I greatly appreciate that medicine and medicine-related degrees require a level of social sciences and humanities awareness, both in terms of the academic demands of the courses and the nature of the patient contact that is essential to doing an excellent job in a medical and healthcare-allied professional degree. I know that it can be quite daunting, particularly for those from humanity backgrounds to embark on the medical admissions process, and aim to make my lessons adaptable for those of all educational backgrounds wishing to apply.

      Experienced Spanish tutor
      Experienced Spanish tutor
      University of Bristol
      1st Year
      UCAT score in Top 3%790+ in 3 UCAT sectionsOffer from BristolOffer from BSMSOffer from ManchesterAchieved 8 9s at GCSEA*A*A*A at A LevelAward for Talented Modern LinguistAttended The Tiffin Girls’ SchoolAttended Lady Eleanor Holles School

      Hello! I’m Ameerah, a 1st year medical student at Bristol. I have always been passionate about science and medicine, and was delighted when I achieved my dream of starting medical school! I sat the UCAT in August 2022 and scored 3080, a score in the top 3% of the country, with scores in the 790-810 range in Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Making. I also sat the BMAT and received a top 10% score in Section 1. I received interview offers from all four of my unis and received offers from Manchester, Bristol and BSMS. I took Biology, Chemistry, French and Spanish at A Level and achieved A*A*A*A.

      I chose to tutor with Medic Mind as I understand how difficult A Levels and gaining a medical school place can be. I want to offer students the support they need and to show them that they are more than capable of succeeding.

      Outside of academics, I am passionate about writing, embroidering and gardening.

      Experienced Spanish tutor
      Experienced Spanish tutor
      Middlesex University
      Achieved 12 9s at GCSE8 As and 4A* at A Levels

      My name is Guadalupe, I am Spanish from Salamanca and I live in the UK. I have been teaching Spanish for over 20 years and I have worked in Secondary and in Higher Education as well as a Teacher/Tutor in the private sector.
      I teach IGCSE, GCSE, A Level, Pre U Cambridge, A Level and other courses for mature learners.
      I am a member of the Tutors Association and a Charter Linguist at CIOL in the UK.
      In the last two years I have also worked as an examiner for the Cambridge International A Level Spanish.
      I find teaching Spanish very rewarding, challenging and fun. It also requires from me, commitment, energy, enthusiam, lots of planification and organisation every academic year. The rewarding part is when students get to enjoy learning and using Spanish from GCSE and then move on to A Level and in many cases they decide to do the subject at University. Many visit Salamanca, since we do have a wonderful university specialised in Spanish Language and love it so much, they go back many times in their lives.


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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          🤔Who are your GCSE Spanish tutors?

          Our Spanish teachers excelled in the GCSE Spanish programme and now want to share what they've learned with you!

          📝How do I study for GCSE Spanish?

          Here are our tutor’s top tips to ace GCSE Spanish:

          With Spanish, you may engage in more natural and interactive ways. This can be accomplished by reading Spanish literature or watching Spanish Netflix episodes.
          To obtain a better knowledge of the exam style, practice past exams, particularly in listening skills.
          'Little and often' is key when it comes to learning a new language! Allow yourself 10-15 minutes to study Spanish each day.
          Speak Spanish with your tutor, teacher, friends, or family whenever possible.
          The GCSE Spanish professionals at Study Mind can help you improve your language skills.

          🌍In which locations do you provide GCSE Spanish courses?

          Our GCSE Spanish courses are available to students from all across the UK! Our GCSE Spanish tutors work from their homes and give dependable services. The following is a comprehensive list of the services we provide in the UK:

          GCSE Spanish Tutors in London, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Newcastle, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Oxford, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Birmingham, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Cambridge, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Cardiff, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Nottingham, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Chelmsford, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Belfast, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Edinburgh, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Glasgow, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Manchester, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Sheffield, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Reading, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Bristol, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Reading - and much more!

          💻Where do the sessions take place?

          You will be able to access all of the material, including the live lectures, from the comfort of your own home because the courses are held online.

          🗺️I’m an international student, is that an issue?

          Students from all over the world can sign up for our online 1-1 GCSE Spanish classes. The following is a complete list of the services we offer around the world:
          GCSE Spanish Tutors in London, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Malaysia,GCSE Spanish Tutors in Singapore, GCSE Spanish Tutors in India, GCSE Spanish Tutors in New Zealand, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Canada, GCSE Spanish Tutors in America, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Dubai, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Hong Kong, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Melbourne, GCSE Spanish Tutors in Sydney - and much more!

          💰Do I have to pay for all of the lessons upfront?

          Our courses are designed to be as simple as possible to use. You can set up customised payment plans with our staff during your FREE one-on-one session with one of our certified GCSE Spanish tutors.