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Helena A

I loved my experience with Study Mind. The tutors were very friendly, and I liked how they tailored the approach to my weaknesses, with regular homework and testing in between the Zoom 1-1 lessons.


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      Experienced UCAT tutor
      Experienced UCAT tutor
      University of Oxford
      3rd Year
      66 ratings
      A*A A at A levels2 9s at GCSEs4 8s at GCSEs4 7s at GCSEsOffer for Medicine at University of OxfordOffer for Medicine at Imperial CollegeTop 15% in S1 BMAT

      Hello there, my name is Abena and I live in East London. I’m a really friendly, enthusiastic tutor, who enjoys helping students achieve their academic goals. Education has always been a huge priority in my life and I’ve had teachers that have helped me with my motivation and performance. They not only helped me with my subjects but also my motivation, something I hope to pass on to my future students as well.

      Apart from tutoring, I enjoy cheerleading for my university and also part of the committee as the IT officer, helping with setting up the websites and posting on social media. In addition to this, I’m also president of two societies Oxford Black Medics Society and Mitski Society. I also regularly attend the gym and enjoy learning Spanish and Mandarin.

      Fun fact: My name means I was born on a Tuesday

      Experienced UCAT tutor
      Experienced UCAT tutor
      University of Newcastle
      5th Year
      61 ratings
      Top 2% UCAT score (3110)Top 3% in DM (800+)Top 3% in QR (800+)Top 5% in AR (750+)Band 1 SJTOffer from NewcastleOffer from WarwickOffer from BartsGraduate entryFirst class honors degree in Natural SciencesHighest mark of the year in first-year medicine.

      Hi! My name is Adam Genga, I’m 24, and I am a student studying graduate entry medicine at Newcastle University. I am currently in my fourth year and am on placement at RVI and Freeman. Before medicine, I completed a 4 year integrated master’s in Natural Sciences which consisted of Biology and Geography. I am passionate about teaching and am currently involved with the Medical Education Society, delivering teaching sessions to the pre-clinical years for their exams. In my spare time, I love to go to the gym and lift weights, I enjoy reading fantasy and I’m also involved in hockey.

      I would love to help tutor you and am happy to support students with personal statement writing, UCAT coaching, and interview preparation (Panel and MMI). I have completed over 600 hours of 1-1 tutoring for Medic Mind and have successfully tutored students into Warwick, Newcastle, Queen Marys, Sheffield, Nottingham, Barts, Aberdeen, Leicester, and St George’s. I am also able to support students academically with Biology and Maths tutoring at GCSE and A level.

      Experienced UCAT tutor
      Experienced UCAT tutor
      University of Wales, Swansea
      2nd Year
      56 ratings
      GAMSAT Section 2 score: 74Offer from Swansea (GEM)Undergraduate Medicine Offer from SheffieldUndergraduate Medicine Offer from SouthamptonUndergraduate Medicine Offer from PlymouthInterviews at Nottingham (GEM) and Bristol

      Hello! My name is Anusha, and I am a 2nd Year Graduate Entry Medical Student at Swansea University. I have also completed a degree in Population Health and Medical Sciences, so I have a good knowledge of public health issues and a solid grounding in Biology.

      When I applied the first time, I received interviews for Undergraduate Medicine at Sheffield, Southampton, Bristol and Plymouth, and offers at Sheffield, Southampton and Plymouth. When I applied for Graduate Entry Medicine, I received interviews from Swansea and Nottingham (Grad Entry) and finally chose Swansea as my Medical School!

      I have good experience with the UCAT and the GAMSAT, and in the GAMSAT I scored high enough to secure two interviews at highly competitive graduate medical schools, so I have a wealth of tips and tricks for these exams. I have been tutoring for over a year now, and my students have come out with great results.

      During my spare time, I like to partake in Dance and Painting, both of which have helped me in maintaining a work life balance.


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        I am very happy with my experience of the UCAT lessons from Study Mind. Their Oxbridge team were attentive and well-informed on the whole application process, from exams, to school grades, to the interviews.
        Riya was a very kind and engaging tutor, she explained some difficult concepts in a very simple way. I like how she used her pen to annotate during lessons, and she made sure to monitor my scores and progress by setting UCAT homework between every lesson we did.
        Thanks very much guys! Your whole team has been excellent for Ruisa. You helped her through all parts of her UCAT admissions test, and I was delighted to see the improvement in her scores from the start to the finish. I found the whole experience convenient, efficient and professional.
        Shanaya MShanaya M
        Brilliant tutors, and generally just a great experience! Special thanks to Maya, Julia and Greg for their fantastic tuition for my daughter. I like how the team go the extra mile with their prompt communication and progress updates.
        Mikel LMikel L
        The Study Mind team were very friendly, and always at hand to help me out. Elisa was a personal mentor, helping to motivate and mentor me through my exams - thank you!
        Priya MPriya M
        I really liked the materials and homework I received between my tutoring lessons with my tutor, Naseem. The personal WhatsApp group meant I could communicate very quickly and they always replied instantly. Thanks guys!

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          ❓What is the UCAT?

          UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test. The UCAT is a two-hour computer-based test that evaluates a variety of mental talents designated by universities as vital for practising medicine and dentistry. It comprises five independent timed subtests, each with a number of multiple-choice questions.

          🤔Who are the UCAT tutors?

          We have a team of over 120 UCAT tutors from Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, and King's College London. Our UCAT tutors have all scored in the top 10% of their UCAT exams. We can locate a UCAT tutor who fulfils your requirements and will provide you with a few profiles from which you can select a tutor.

          🎓What courses require the UCAT?

          Various medical universities require the UCAT for all students applying to medical and dentistry programmes.

          🌍In which locations do you provide UCAT courses?

          Students from all around the world can take our UCAT courses! Our UCAT tutors work virtually to deliver their dependable services to you. The following is a comprehensive list of the services we offer in the United Kingdom:

          UCAT Tutors in London, UCAT Tutors in Newcastle, UCAT Tutors in Oxford, UCAT Tutors in Birmingham, UCAT Tutors in Cambridge, UCAT Tutors in Cardiff, UCAT Tutors in Nottingham, UCAT Tutors in Chelmsford, UCAT Tutors in Belfast, UCAT Tutors in Edinburgh, UCAT Tutors in Glasgow, UCAT Tutors in Manchester, UCAT Tutors in Sheffield, UCAT Tutors in Reading, UCAT Tutors in Bristol, UCAT Tutors in Reading - and much more!

          📚What concepts are tested in the UCAT?

          The exam consists of five separate timed multiple-choice subtests. There are four cognitive subtests (Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning), as well as a fifth non-cognitive subtest called Situational Judgement.

          📝How do I prepare for the UCAT?

          Practice makes perfect. Make sure to review the UCAT syllabus concepts and use the prior papers to your advantage. 1-1 UCAT tuition from Study Mind will help you master your exam technique and score high.

          🗺️I’m an international student, is that an issue?

          Our 1-1 UCAT tutoring is conducted comlpetely online, making it available to students all around the world. This is the complete list of overseas services we offer:

          UCAT Tutors in London, UCAT Tutors in Malaysia, UCAT Tutors in Singapore, UCAT Tutors in India, UCAT Tutors in New Zealand, UCAT Tutors in Canada, UCAT Tutors in America, UCAT Tutors in Dubai, UCAT Tutors in Hong Kong, UCAT Tutors in Melbourne, UCAT Tutors in Sydney - and much more!

          💰Do I have to pay for all of the UCAT lessons upfront?

          We care deeply about accessibility at Study Mind. To discover more about the UCAT 1-1 course and possible payment plans, schedule a FREE UCAT consultation today.