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GCSE French Revision Notes

Embark on a journey into the French language and culture with our GCSE French revision notes. Categorised by topic and exam board, these resources provide a deep understanding of French grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Want to practise your speaking skills? Our GCSE French tutors are here to support your revision further and help you to practise the skills you want to target.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

How can I effectively revise for the GCSE French speaking exam?

To prepare for the French speaking exam, practice speaking French regularly. Record yourself answering questions on various topics, and then listen to your recordings to identify areas for improvement. You can also have conversations with native speakers or classmates to enhance your fluency. Additionally, create cue cards with key phrases and vocabulary related to common topics like hobbies, family, and school, and use them for quick review.

What strategies can I use to revise for the GCSE French listening exam?

To excel in the listening exam, listen to a variety of French audio materials, such as podcasts, songs, and news broadcasts. Focus on comprehension by taking notes while listening and then summarising the main points afterwards. Practise past listening papers to get accustomed to the format and develop your ability to understand spoken French at different speeds and accents.

How do I prepare for the GCSE French reading exam effectively?

To succeed in the reading exam, read French texts regularly. Start with simple texts and gradually work your way up to more complex ones. Pay attention to vocabulary, sentence structure, and the context in which words are used. Practise past reading papers to familiarise yourself with the question types and timing. Also, create a vocabulary journal to note down new words and their meanings.

What are the best strategies for revising French grammar and writing?

To strengthen your grammar and writing skills, review French grammar rules systematically. Practise writing essays, short paragraphs, and diary entries in French, paying attention to proper sentence structure and tenses. Use grammar workbooks and online exercises to reinforce your knowledge. Seek feedback from your teacher or a native speaker to improve your writing.