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Unleash Your Child's Creative Potential

11 Plus Creative Writing Tutor

Are you searching for a reliable and experienced 11 plus creative writing tutor? Look no further! Our team of dedicated tutors is here to ignite your child's imagination, empower their storytelling skills, and help them excel in their 11 plus exams.

Don't let their creativity go untapped – together, let's create a brighter future through the power of words!

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      Experienced 11+ tutor
      Experienced 11+ tutor
      University of Cambridge
      Offer from Cambridge for EnglishOffer from Cambridge for TheologyOffer from BristolOffer from WarwickOffer from EdinburghHelped 1 Receive Cambridge OfferFirst in Ethics and Ancient Greek at CambridgeAchieved A*A*A*A at A-LevelTop of my Year in Philosophy & English A-LevelAchieved 10A*s at GCSEFull UMS in English and Religious Studies GCSE

      Hi, I’m Scarlett, a recent graduate of Cambridge where I studied a BA (Hons) in English, achieving an upper second class grade. I was accepted to Cambridge for Theology and Philosophy of Religion, before sitting the ELAT entrance exam and switching to English in my second year. At A-Level I received A*A*A*A in English Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, and EPQ respectively, scoring the highest marks in English and Philosophy in my year. At GCSE I achieved straight A*s in 10 subjects, scoring full marks in my English Literature and Religious Studies Papers.

      Outside of my academic achievements, I have mentored an A-Level student with his application to English at Cambridge, who was successfully accepted by the university. I also have experience tutoring English to a primary school student from Turkey, and tutoring year 9 Spanish and Sciences to another pupil.

      Experienced 11+ tutor
      Experienced 11+ tutor
      University of Cambridge
      2 ratings
      100% success rate for Oxbridge applicantsFirst Class Cambridge degree11A*s at GCSEA*A*A*A*A at A-Level5/5 UCAS Offers

      Hi I’m Claire! I’m a smiley, friendly tutor with extensive experience in tutoring Oxbridge admissions, English Literature at GCSE, A-Level and degree level, and History at GCSE and A-Level. I love helping students gain the places they deserve at their dream universities and reaching their academic goals. Other than being a tutor, I spend my time running around to auditions as a professional actor! I’ve been tutoring for 8 years now, and I really think that I have one of the best jobs in the world.

      I have a First Class degree in English from Cambridge, and clean A* GCSE and A-Level results. I know what it takes to thrive academically, how to work smart, and the best ways to get students to where they want to be, efficiently. I understand the pressures of being a student, and that time is of the essence! I help students to follow their passions and interests in a way that works hard for them when it comes to admissions and exams.

      Experienced 11+ tutor
      Experienced 11+ tutor
      University of Cambridge
      2nd Year
      A*A*A at A-Level5/5 University offers receivedFull marks in English Literature GCSEUniversity of Cambridge undergraduateMentored a student to receive Oxbridge offer4 9's and 5 8's at GCSE

      Hi! My name is Lizzie and I’ve just finished studying my second year of English at Homerton College at the University of Cambridge. I am a conscientious and organised student, devoted to both my studies at to outreach at University. I am heavily involved in my college’s student union, having been entertainment officer and communication officer, working with other union’s across the University to develop a support network for students. I am a class act student from Birmingham and I’m very invested in helping with access to education for all young people. I have been a Zero Gravity mentee and mentor, supporting students from underprivileged backgrounds like myself to receive Oxbridge offers. In my spare time, I enjoy acting (I have performed in several shows in Cambridge, and one at Edinburgh Fringe), and writing creatively.


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      At Study Mind, we don't leave your child's education to chance. With up to date and personalised revision, delivered in age appropriate and engaging lessons, our experienced and friendly 11+ Creative Writing tutors will motivate and support your child to do their best.

      1-1 Lessons Nurturing Creativity

      We believe that creativity is the key to unlocking a child's full potential. Our tutors are trained to inspire and encourage students to think outside the box, to express themselves freely, and to develop their unique writing style.

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      Tailored Approach

      Every child is unique, and we understand that. Our tutors take a personalized approach to teaching, identifying each student's strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on individual needs, we can provide targeted guidance and support, ensuring optimal progress.

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      Online Lessons with a Comprehensive Curriculum

      Our carefully crafted curriculum covers all aspects of creative writing, including plot development, character building, descriptive writing, and more. We provide a solid foundation in the essential techniques and strategies needed to excel in the 11 plus creative writing section.

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        I am extremely impressed with the 11+ creative writing tutor. They make the sessions engaging and interactive, which keeps my son motivated and excited to learn. The tutor's feedback and assessments have been invaluable in tracking his progress and identifying areas for improvement. Thanks to their guidance, my son's writing has flourished, and I am confident that he will excel in his 11+ exams. I couldn't be happier!
        The tutor's expertise and passion for teaching shine through in every session. They have a remarkable ability to bring out the best in each student, nurturing their creativity and helping them develop their unique writing style. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my daughter's writing, and I am grateful for the tutor's dedication and support.
        The 11+ creative writing tutor has been a game-changer for my son. Their tailored approach to teaching has helped him overcome his writing challenges and build confidence. The tutor's ability to create a positive and stimulating learning environment is remarkable. My son now looks forward to each session, and his progress has been remarkable. I highly recommend this tutor to anyone looking for a top-notch 11+ creative writing program.
        The comprehensive curriculum provided by Study Mind helped my child develop a solid foundation in creative writing skills. The engaging learning resources and interactive sessions made the learning process enjoyable. Thanks to their dedicated tutors, my child was well-prepared and achieved excellent results in the 11+ Creative Writing exam.
         Ankur Ramesha Ankur Ramesha
        Really effective. Great feedback. It’s quite similar to the real thing so I found it very useful
        Brigid Seyram AyiteBrigid Seyram Ayite
        Their sessions are very concise and I like the fact that the hosts take their time to answer and explain when difficulties arise. I would definitely recommend this because u’ll get your monies worth and more!

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          What does creative writing study?

          The process of creating fresh and inventive works of literature, poetry, prose, or screenplays is known as creative writing. It goes beyond traditional writing by encouraging people to experiment with language, structure, and story.

          What is the importance of the study of creative writing?

          Creative writing allows you to broaden your vocabulary while experimenting with new methods of expressing yourself. As you improve your writing skills, you will notice an improvement in your usage and breadth of language, which will be useful in any job route and social scenario.

          What is the educational value of creative writing?

          Creative writing for children is an important approach for them to strengthen their communication abilities, improve their speech patterns, and have a better comprehension of language. It encourages kids to utilise and experiment with different sorts of language while also allowing them to create stories in their own voices.

          💰 How much does the 11 plus creative writing tutoring cost?

          Our 11+ creative writing course is focused on flexibility and personalised revision. Costs vary based on the number of hours of individual tutoring you require. If you’re unsure, our experts can help you during your free consultation.

          🌍Where do the 11+ creative writing lessons take place?

          Our 11+ creative writing tutors bring the classroom to you! All our lessons are delivered virtually via Zoom to allow for a safe, comfortable and flexible learning environment.

          🤔Who are the 11 plus creative writing tutors?

          We have many experienced 11+ creative writing tutors in our team, who have experience working with younger students. Your 11+ tutor will tailor the lessons to the specific needs of the student and adapt their teaching style to ensure lessons are interactive and engaging.

          🌟How can 11+ creative writing tuition help my son / daughter?

          Many 11+ exams include a creative writing component. Creative writing tuition can specifically target the skills and techniques required to excel in these exams. Tutors can provide guidance on structuring narratives, developing strong openings and endings, and effectively using descriptive language to engage the reader.

          ⏰When should my child start preparing for the 11 plus English?

          The best time to begin preparing your child for the 11+ creative writing test depends on various variables. However, several sources indicate that starting roughly 12 months before the exam is a normal preparation schedule. This normally implies that most youngsters begin their preparation around 9 or 10.

          It is worth noting that several sources emphasise the necessity of developing core abilities before Year 4, focusing on subjects such as maths and language. Early development of these abilities can give a good foundation for future 11+ English training.

          ✨Does Study Mind have reviews?

          Yes! We have over 1000+ five star reviews on Trustpilot across Study Mind and Medic Mind (our sister company). We have even been voted as one of Trustpilot's Top 40 Educational Companies.
          If that's not enough, we are backed by top schools and universities in the UK!