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Experienced Singing tutor
Experienced Singing tutor
Queen Mary, University of London
3rd Year
15 ratings
UCAT: Top 5% UCAT scoreTop 10% (700+) in VRTop 10% (700+) in ARTop 10% (700+) in QRTop 10% (700+) in DMInterview: 4/4 OffersOffer from Queen Mary's Graduate EntryOffer from SouthamptonOffer from Queen Mary'sOffer from LeicesterFirst Class Paramedic Science Degree

My name is Elina Pampapathi and I am a Third Year Medical Student at Queen Mary University of London. I am a Graduate Entry Medic with a background in Paramedic Science for which I received a First. I received 4/4 offers for my application; two Graduate Entry Course offers, and two Direct Entry course offers – so I can help either prospective Graduates or Direct Entry students. Additionally, I received within the top 5% globally for my UCAT and have many great hints and tips to help maximise your score. I have just finished my 1st year of Medicine and received a merit for my exam results, which is within the top 20% of my cohort – I had to change my study techniques a lot when I came into medicine and can provide some useful perspective to preparing for a medical degree. I would like to help prospective students make the application process as stress free as possible because I do believe that it can be!

Experienced Singing tutor
Experienced Singing tutor
University of Leeds
Dental Hygiene and Therapy
2nd Year
3 ratings
Offer from LEEDS UniversityOffer from PLYMOUTH UniversityHelped students get Dental therapy interviewsDistinction in caranatic music grade 6 and belowA* in A-level psychologyAward for highest grade- GCSE ChemistryInterviews from all applied unisStudent Ambassador at LEEDS UNIVERSITY.

My name is Sharvika, a dental student who is committed to helping students achieve academic success and has a strong enthusiasm for education. I believe that, filling in knowledge gaps and fostering an environment of learning encourages comprehension and curiosity and I’m an expert in determining each student’s unique learning preferences and adjusting instructions to guarantee a greater understanding of the material. Beyond textbooks, I hope to empower and inspire individuals by fostering a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom. Selecting me as your tutor means choosing a dedicated guide who is passionate about YOUR development, eager to help you reach your full potential, and involved in your success.
My method of teaching is customised to each student, taking into account their own learning preferences and shortcomings.

Experienced Singing tutor
Experienced Singing tutor
University of Oxford
BA in History and English
BA in History & EnglishAwarded 2 academic scholarships at UniversitySat HATPrepared for ELATSubmissions essaysSat Oxbridge interviewOffer from OxfordOffer from YorkOffer from ManchesterAchieved A* in History A levelAchieved A* in English literature A levelAchieved A* in Music A levelAchieved A in Biology A levelAchieved 6 A*s & 2 As at GCSE2 diplomas in French Horn (LRSM and DipABRSM)Grade 8 Singing (distinction & silver medal)Grade 7 PianoGrade 5 Music Theory (distinction)

Hi, I’m LucyAnne! I’m 23 years old and I live in London. I work as an actor and freelance singer, and also part-time as a teaching assistant and a tutor.

I studied History, English, Music and Biology at A Level (3 A*s, 1A) and, while at school, also gained two diplomas in French Horn (LRSM and DipABRSM) alongside Grade 8 Singing (ABRSM) and Verse & Prose (LAMDA), Grade 7 Piano (ABRSM) and Acting (LAMDA) and Grade 5 Music Theory (ABRSM). I then undertook a BA in History and English at Oxford, during which time I was awarded two scholarships for academic achievement. Since graduating in 2021, I have also gained an Acting Diploma from the London School of Dramatic Art.

I absolutely loved my time at uni, and while at school I was lucky enough to have some amazing teachers that showed me how fun learning can be. I would love to be able to inspire others like I was inspired.

My hobbies include cooking, reading and going on walks around my local area looking for cats to stroke!

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    Experienced Singing tutor
    Experienced Singing tutor
    Tokyo International University
    Business Economics
    1st Year
    “A*AA at A-Levels”“Scholarships from TIU Japan”“Certifications for many sports; NetballAthleticsBasketball”“Love music”“300/300 for AS Accounting”“School prefect so good leader”

    Hello! 🌟 I’m thrilled to introduce myself as an enthusiastic individual who recently achieved exceptional results in my Advanced Level examinations, securing 1A* and 2A’s. This academic achievement paved the way for me to embark on an exciting journey at TIU, where I’ve been awarded a 100% scholarship.

    My passion for connecting with people is evident in my outgoing personality. I thrive on communication and have been honing this skill throughout my academic journey. My academic focus has been on business since the 7th grade, providing me with a solid foundation in the field.

    Beyond academics, I’ve found joy and fulfillment in teaching. Drawing from my experience at an English teaching company, I specialize in helping students master pronunciation and engage in basic English conversations. My time at an elementary school not only reinforced my love for teaching but also highlighted my knack for interacting with and entertaining little ones through games and activities.

    Outside the realm of education, I am a multi-faceted individual with diverse interests. Art, travel, and sports are not just hobbies; they’re outlets that fuel my creativity and sense of adventure. I find immense joy in sharing my knowledge and engaging with others, whether it’s through teaching, conversations, or collaborative activities.

    I’m excited about the opportunities ahead at TIU and am eager to contribute my passion for learning, teaching, and connecting with people to the vibrant community.

    Experienced Singing tutor
    Experienced Singing tutor
    University of Cambridge
    Natural Sciences
    3rd Year
    12 ratings
    Offer from CambridgeOffer from DurhamOffer from BathOffer from LancasterOffer from BristolAchieved 9 9s at GCSEAchieved 4 A*s at A-LevelAward for highest academic achievement at GCSE

    Hi! My name is Joseph and I am going into my third year studying biological Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. I will specialise in Pathology, but have taken physiology, neurobiology and chemistry at degree level too. I understand how exhausting the Oxbridge application process can be, and how challenging it is to balance this with preparation for exams too. I want to assure you that your success is my priority and I am happy to help in any way that I can. Whether you need help with your personal statement, admissions exams, interviews or with your end of year exams I am determined to help you succeed. I hope that I can help you be excited about applying to University too – researching universities and writing applications feels daunting but as someone who is having a great time at university currently, I know that the end result is worth it. I do a lot of theatre at university which requires a lot of time management skills to balance alongside a demanding degree, but I do this because I understand the importance of finding joy outside of academic work. In my lessons I will help you succeed but I will encourage this in a healthy and productive way.

    Experienced Singing tutor
    Experienced Singing tutor
    University of Manchester
    1st Year
    2 ratings
    UCAT:Top 15% (800+ in AR)University of Cambridge interviewOffer from ManchesterOffer from LeicesterOffer from SouthamptonA*A*A*A* at A LevelsAchieved eight 9s and two 8s in GCSE

    Hi, my name is Josna George and I am a first-year medical student at the University of Manchester studying Medicine and Surgery MBChB. Before starting my first year in Medical school, I took a gap year working in Neurosurgery Theatres; as a Theatre Support Worker.

    In my gap year, I had interviews at Manchester, Leicester and Southampton Medical schools; where I received all offers. I thoroughly enjoy helping other people with their applications and motivating them through this journey. Although it is a long journey, it is really nice to see how much people grow throughout. When tutoring for medical interviews, I know what are hot topics to mention but also the importance of showing your personality in your interview.

    In my GCSEs I achieved eight 9s including Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry; and two 8s. I went on to study Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths in A-levels and achieved 4 A*. I can really help students understand and simplify difficult concepts and apply them in exam conditions. I have previously tutored in these subjects giving me the skills to tutor and help with exam technique.

    Through working in the NHS and studying medicine, I am confident I can adapt to accommodate your needs and work my absolute best to meet your goals!

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    Experienced Singing tutor
    Experienced Singing tutor
    London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
    2nd Year
    1 ratings
    Achieved Offers to Study Law at Cambridge and LSEAbove Average LNAT ScoreHelped 2 receive top university choice offersTriple A* at A Level

    Hello prospective student and parents. My name is Dimitar Mitkov. I am currently a second-year Law student at LSE. I am currently offering to teach several GCSE, A-Level Subjects as well as tutoring support for University level Law.

    Additionally, I have achieved a high score at the LNAT and received offers from Cambridge, LSE and KCL to study Law so I have an insight into the admission procedures and can help accordingly with preparing students for the interview and how to tackle some of the tricky questions of the LNAT. I am also able to assist with personal statement support in helping students formulate their reasons for student law and give them a taster of what a university-level law course is like.

    I also have completed several internships and experiences with Law firms so I am able to further assist in giving advice on what commercial law firms look for in their applicants.

    Experienced Singing tutor
    Experienced Singing tutor
    London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London
    MSc Infectious Diseases
    Top 20% UCATTop 15% Situational JudgmentTop 10% in S1Offer from the University of St. AndrewsOffer from the London School of Tropical MedicineAAA* (A-Levels)Highest Distinction in History and Geography

    Hi, My name is Mona. I am fluent in French and English, I have an MA from the University of St. Andrews in International Relations and an MSc in Infectious Diseases and Medicine from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I have been a professional tutor for 6 years. During this time, I have tutored pupils ranging in age from 5 to 30 years old, and have had particular success with helping them with a wide range of exams, including university applications (eg.University of St. Andrews, Cambridge, LSE and King’s College).

    My past work experience include working for Amazon as an associate partner manager and for the CERN in Geneva in medical regulation. I enjoy supporting students of all ages, adapting my lesson plan to their needs and goals. Looking at past exams really help me in identifying gaps we can work on together and plan our lesson around them.

    Experienced Singing tutor
    Experienced Singing tutor
    University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    5th Year
    Offer from NewcastleOffer from LiverpoolOffer from BirminghamEquivalent of 3 A* in Physics Chemistry BiologyPanelist for Interviews at Newcastle UniversityEx-Regional Head for In2MedSchoolScore of 700+ in AR QR and Decision Making

    Hello, I’m Ali, a final year medical student with a passion for mentoring and guiding students aspiring for a career in medicine. As a dedicated medic, I have immersed myself in the world of medicine, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience along the way.

    Recognizing the challenges that prospective medical students face during interviews and UCAT exams, I have formulated a list of key points and techniques that can help you increase your score and chances of getting into med school by a mile. With a keen understanding of the medical school application process due to being on the panel for selection, and a genuine desire to help others succeed, I specialize in coaching students for medical school interviews and the UCAT exam.

    I wish I had this help when I was in school and therefore, my approach combines my firsthand experience with a personalized teaching style, focusing on building confidence, honing communication skills, and mastering the intricacies of the UCAT exam. Look forward to working with you!

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    How much do Singing tutors cost per hour?

    The cost of a Singing tutor can vary depending on their qualifications and experience. Generally, private tutors charge between £30.00 and £50.00 per hour, with online lessons often slightly cheaper than in-person lessons

    Can you take Singing lessons Online?

    Yes, you can take Singing lessons online! All of our tutors offer online tutoring, most of them through our state-of-the-art online classroom which has been built by us to meet all your needs.

    Our students say

    My singing teacher was amazing. Perfect mix of vocal coaching and theory behind singing as well so I could understand how to reach certain notes.
    My singing tutor is so knowledgeable. She's been teaching me how to read music properly, how to breathe through long arias and how to reach the notes!
    I am so happy that I found my singing instructor. She matched my needs perfectly and had a similar tone of voice which really helped when she was demonstrating what she was explaining.
    Study Mind found me the perfect singing tutor! All our sessions were so interactive and she gave me great tips on vocal warm ups.
    My daughter's singing coach was great. She helped to give her the confidence she needed to try out for a choir and she got in! She went from strength to strength in her voice.
    Gemma M
    Great communication and my daughter felt really connected with Elina and fully understood her teaching thank you
    Lauren C
    Elina was extremely helpful and her feedback she gave was detailed. She went through sections of my essays and told me where to improve and how. I would definitely recommend Elina to anyone struggling like I was.
    Princess O
    My lessons with Joseph were comfortable and easy. The way he explained new concepts in a way that was easy to understand demonstrated his level of experience. Every lesson had a plan which was always organised in good time before hand even with his busy schedule with uni work. As a visual learner I would have liked more use of whiteboards, but with different technologies I understood it may not have been possible.