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IGCSE Physics Revision Notes

Are you studying for the iGCSE Physics exam? Why not check out our bank of iGCSE Physics Revision Notes which have been categorised into topics so you can tailor your revision! Whether you want a quick 5-minute recap or not quite sure about a concept, our revision notes explain each topic and break it down with the help of visual aids. If you’re looking for some extra practise, why not check out our GCSE Physics Past Papers and practise exam questions.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

How do I use the iGCSE Physics revision notes?

You can use them however you like! Either as bite-sized pieces for a quick revision boost or as a starting point where you can add your own notes from other sources.

Should I write my own iGCSE Physics revision notes?

Writing your own revision notes is a good example of active learning as you are engaging in the subject matter, rather than passively reading a textbook. However, you don't have to start from scratch. You can use our notes as a base and add to them or you can make flashcards as an extra summary and use them to revise when you need a recap.

What are some good ways to revise during my iGCSE Physics prep?

However you revise, the most important thing is that it helps. Try to avoid too many revision resources as this can be overwhelming and not an effective use of time. Instead, try and pick a couple of resources that work for you such as textbooks or videos. Writing your own notes or flashcards is a good way of actively engaging in what you're reading or watching.