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Prepare for School Entry

7+ and 8+ Tutors

Our highly experienced 7+ and 8+ tutors specialise in preparing children for prep school examinations and can provide comprehensive coverage of all necessary topics.

Our 7+ and 8+ tutors are experts in preparing children for prep school exams, tailoring their tuition to help children gain entry to specific schools.

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The tutor is supportive, encouraging, and always finds creative ways to engage our child.


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      Experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor
      Experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor
      University of Birmingham
      3rd Year
      UCAT: Within top 10% in my cohort (2870800+ in QR750+ ARInterview: Offer from BirminghamInterviewer for mock medicine and dentistry MMIsPersonal statement: Successfully guided studentsA-levels: 3A*s in Biology+Chemistry+MathsGCSEs: 9s in Biology+Chemistry+MathsEPQ: A*Top independent school entrance exam tutor

      Hi, my name is Thivane and I’m a third year dental student at the University of Birmingham. Teaching is one of my passions and one of the ways I’ve done this is by tutoring for several years. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of students ranging from KS1 to A-levels which has definitely maximised my flexibly, patience with students over the years.

      Friendliness is the key to my successful tutoring background as I take the time to chat to my students for a few minutes at the start of the lessons to make sure we build a rapport. I find this approach makes my words of praise, encouragement, motivation and discipline have a much stronger effect on my students’ performances. To enhance this impact I also tailor my lessons to suit their learning styles e.g. by including audio and visual cues. Examples of my success stories include helping many students get into their dream schools including prestigious ones like Wycombe Abbey and Brighton College as well as helping students improve scores for GCSEs, A-levels and UCAT.

      Asides from tutoring, I enjoy travelling, running, writing and organising events as well as spending time with my friends and family. I can’t wait to teach my students and get to know them!

      Experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor
      Experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor
      University of Oxford
      Materials Science
      A* in Chemistry AlevelA* in Physics AlevelA* in Maths AlevelA* in Further Maths AlevelOxford MEng Hons in Materials Science1st class Masters

      I am a recent Oxford graduate with a Master of Engineering in Materials Science. My Masters’s research project was in DFT modelling of rare-earth superconductors where I looked at how I can better interoperate experimental results in order to design the next generation of superconductors to be used within fusion reactors.

      I am extremely grateful for my time in Oxford as I was one of the only people from my school to go to Oxford. Despite the challenges of dyslexia and my journey through state schools, I was able to achieve 4 A*s in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry. Throughout my academic journey, I have learnt many effective studying techniques I am keen to pass on to my students.

      In my spare time, I enjoy bouldering, going to the gym, and taking courses in a wide variety of disciplines such as philosophy and Spanish.

      Experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor
      Experienced 7+ and 8+ tutor
      Imperial College School of Medicine
      3rd Year
      Top 10% (700+) in ARTop 3% (800+) in QRTop decile UCAT score4A in S3Top percentiles for BMAT S1 and S2Offer from Imperial College LondonOffer from KCLOffer from Bristol9 in GCSE ChemistryA*A*A at A-LevelAchieved Merit in 1st year Imperial College exams

      Hi there! My name is Mahir Shah and I’m a 3rd year medical student from Imperial College London. My past few years at medical school have been some of the best years of my life, and I’d love to help you get here too. Having scored extremely well on the UCAT and BMAT and getting offers from all of my interviews, I am very familiar with what is needed to obtain a place at some of the UK’s most prestigious universities. Through my tutoring experience not only tutoring GCSE and A-Level subjects, but also being tutored when I was at your stage, I know all too well how to make your tutoring experience a pleasant one and ensure that each student of mine gets everything they want out of their lessons. I have a friendly persona and I’d like to think I go above and beyond to ensure my students progress and achieve their goals.

      I look forward to meeting you!


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        Thanks to our tutor's expert guidance and support, our child was able to gain entry into their top-choice school for the 7+ exams. Our tutor provided personalized study plans, practice materials, and feedback that helped our child feel confident and well-prepared. We couldn't be happier with the results.
        Our child was struggling with certain topics and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of the 7+ exams. Thanks to our tutor's patient, kind, and engaging approach, our child's confidence improved and they were able to succeed on exam day. We're so grateful for the support and guidance our tutor provided.
        Our child has made amazing progress with the help of their tutor. Their reading and writing skills have improved dramatically, and they're more confident in their abilities overall.
        We were hesitant to try tutoring services for our child, but we're so glad we did. The tutor is patient, kind, and provides just the right amount of guidance and support. Our child is excited to learn and loves their tutoring sessions!
        Our tutor has a real gift for working with young students. They're knowledgeable, engaging, and make learning fun. Our child looks forward to their tutoring sessions and we're thrilled with the progress they've made.
        I can't say enough good things about our Early Years Tutoring experience. The tutor is supportive, encouraging, and always finds creative ways to engage our child. They've made remarkable progress in just a few short months and we're excited to see how they continue to grow and thrive with the help of their tutor.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          What is the 7+ exam?

          The 7 Plus assessment is an entrance exam utilised by many independent preparatory schools for admission into year three. The specific assessments involved may vary depending on the school and their individual preferences; however, most assessments include Math, English, and Verbal Reasoning tests. In some cases, schools may also include Physical Education and Art sessions as a part of the assessment. While some schools may conduct informal interviews with children, others may opt to observe children during general open days or taster days that occur during class time.

          What is the 8+ exam?

          Some schools have entry available for both 7 Plus and 8 Plus, with the latter occurring in year 4. The 8 Plus exam is generally more intensive than the 7 Plus, requiring a greater mastery of Math skills, including multiplication, as well as advanced English skills such as a wider vocabulary range and sophisticated writing abilities.

          How often should you tutor a child?

          We recommend scheduling at least two tutoring sessions per week for both 7 plus tuition and 8 plus tuition, with each session lasting between one to two hours, to ensure your child receives the support they need. Our experienced 7 plus tutors can function as teachers and can work with your child to teach their curriculum and reinforce learning. Similarly, each 8+ tutor has the educational skills to increase learning and boost your child's confidence.

          💻Where do the sessions take place?

          You will be able to access all the material, including the live lessons, from the comfort of your own home as the lessons are held virtually.

          💰Do I have to pay for all of the lessons upfront?

          We strive to make our courses as accessible as possible. You can discuss individual payment plans with our team during your FREE one-off consultation with our experienced 7+ and 8+ tutors.