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Helena A

I loved my experience with Study Mind. The tutors were very friendly, and I liked how they tailored the approach to my weaknesses, with regular homework and testing in between the Zoom 1-1 lessons.


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      Experienced Chemistry tutor
      Experienced Chemistry tutor
      University of Manchester
      4th Year
      260 ratings
      BMAT: Top 30% in BMAT 2019IMAT: Top 10% in IMAT 2019 (56.7)A*A*A (A-Level BiologyChemistryMath)Top 10% in UCAT in 2019 with the score of 2825Offer from University of SheffieldOffer from University of ManchesterUCAT Top Tutor

      Hello, I’m Maleeha Pandit. I’m a friendly approachable tutor currently in 4th year studying Medicine and here one of the top UCAT tutor with a lot of past years experience of teaching. I can provide students with flexible timings. Here is the link to my Calendly – Here you will be able to view my time availability according to your time zone.

      Since I have gone through UCAT and BMAT processes in the UK whilst applying for medicine, I know how daunting it is to apply within strict deadlines whilst meeting exceptionally good marks. At Manchester, I actively took part in teaching activities and mentorship, and with my previous experience of teaching fellow students for the past 3 years, I will be a valuable asset to my future students.

      I would describe myself as quite an enthusiast, loving to meet new people, adventurous, patient, understanding with sympathetic as well as empathetic behavior. I am great with time management and planning to complete my goals and reach my aim. I am the Year Coordinator. I am a member of a Book Club as well as a badminton club. My hobbies include reading novels, working out in the gym, and playing badminton. I find myself both excited and fascinated to work with people from different disciplines and in different places.

      • My skills include patience and great time management.
      • I am flexible, punctual, and reliable.
      • I have excellent organization and communication skills.

      Experienced Chemistry tutor
      Experienced Chemistry tutor
      University of Cambridge
      2nd Year
      261 ratings
      Top 10% of Cambridge applicant in BMATCambridge OfferCambridge Medicine OfferMedicine OfferLeeds offerUCL offerPanel Interview OfferMMI Interview OfferA* in A-level MathsA* in A-level ChemistryA*A*A* in GCSE sciences9 in GCSE MathsGold Biology Olympiad AwardGold Chemistry Olympiad Award

      Hello Tutees! I’m Shaun, a 5th year medical student at Magdalene College, the University of Cambridge and I’m have an interest in surgery as well as neuroscience and molecular biology. I also intercalated in psychology in my 3rd year. I’m a fun, friendly and approachable tutor who’s really excited to help you all reach you’re, very achievable, goals!
      I come from a town in Yorkshire where I went to an underperforming state comprehensive, no-one from my school had ever even applied for anywhere like Cambridge for medicine, me being here today is a testament to the additional time and effort I had to put in to my university application and A-levels. All that stress and work is handy though, I know an awful lot about university applications for medicine, to Cambridge and Oxford, as well as for general applications across the board. I achieved offers from everywhere I interviewed at (I withdrew from one of my options) so I can really be a good help for interview skills. I also achieved some of my schools best ever A-levels and even nabbed some golds in subject olympiads.
      What can I do for you?

      Experienced Chemistry tutor
      Experienced Chemistry tutor
      University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
      5th Year
      624 ratings
      Top 10% in ARTop 1% in QRTop 10% in DMOffer from NewcastleOffer from St. AndrewsEx-panellist on Newcastle MMIHelped 8 receive Newcastle offersA*A*A*A at A-level300/300 UMS A-level mathsTop 10% in medical school

      Hi, I’m Japsimar. I’m a final year medical student at Newcastle University. Over the past 5 years I’ve tutored numerous students, from the UK and internationally. My expertise lies in medical school applications and test prep, as well as A-level sciences and maths. Having been on the medical school’s interview panel I have deep knowledge in the selection process that universities employ and can help you stand out amongst your peers.

      Apart from having tutored for a number of years, I also developed a comprehensive university guide for UK medical schools (currently used by most aspiring medical students around the world). I will be able to guide you in the right direction and leverage your achievement to make sure you get multiple offers and finally a place at your chosen medical school.

      Having been in your position, I understand how unnerving this process might seem – however, I would love to work together with you to make it seamless and fun at the same time.


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        Shanaya MShanaya M
        Brilliant tutors, and generally just a great experience! Special thanks to Maya, Julia and Greg for their fantastic tuition for my daughter. I like how the team go the extra mile with their prompt communication and progress updates.
        Mikel LMikel L
        The Study Mind team were very friendly, and always at hand to help me out. Elisa was a personal mentor, helping to motivate and mentor me through my exams - thank you!
        Priya MPriya M
        I really liked the materials and homework I received between my tutoring lessons with my tutor, Naseem. The personal WhatsApp group meant I could communicate very quickly and they always replied instantly. Thanks guys!

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          🤔Who are your IB Chemistry tutors?

          Our IB Chemistry tutors have themselves sat the IB Chemistry course. They also have plenty of experience tutoring and mentoring students such as yourself.

          💻Where will the lessons take place?

          Our IB Chemistry course is conducted via video calls, from the comfort of your own home.

          🌍In which locations do you provide IB Chemistry courses?

          Our IB Chemistry courses are available to students across the UK! Our Chemistry tutors work virtually to bring the classroom to you! This is the full list of services we provide in the UK:

          IB Chemistry Tutors in London, IB Chemistry Tutors in Newcastle, IB Chemistry Tutors in Oxford, IB Chemistry Tutors in Birmingham, IB Chemistry Tutors in Cambridge, IB Chemistry Tutors in Cardiff, IB Chemistry Tutors in Nottingham, IB Chemistry Tutors in Chelmsford, IB Chemistry Tutors in Belfast, IB Chemistry Tutors in Edinburgh, IB Chemistry Tutors in Glasgow, IB Chemistry Tutors in Manchester, IB Chemistry Tutors in Sheffield, IB Chemistry Tutors in Reading, IB Chemistry Tutors in Bristol, IB Chemistry Tutors in Reading - and much more!

          📝Should I take IB Chemistry?

          You will need to take IB Chemistry if you intend to apply to medical or veterinary school or if you wish to apply for Chemistry, Biochemistry or other related university courses.

          📚Is IB Chemistry hard?

          IB Chemistry is one of the harder IB subjects. However, effective study methods, as provided by our tutors, and a passionate approach to the subject will make the course much easier.

          🗺️I’m an international student, is that an issue?

          Not at all! Our IB Chemistry course reflects the diversity of the baccalaureate. Consequently, we provide services internationally, including:

          IB Chemistry Tutors in London, IB Chemistry Tutors in Australia, IB Chemistry Tutors in Singapore, IB Chemistry Tutors in India, IB Chemistry Tutors in New Zealand, IB Chemistry Tutors in Canada, IB Chemistry Tutors in America, IB Chemistry Tutors in Dubai, IB Chemistry Tutors in Hong Kong, IB Chemistry Tutors in Melbourne, IB Chemistry Tutors in Sydney - and much more!