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Experienced Russian tutor
Experienced Russian tutor
University of Birmingham
3rd Year
27 ratings
UCAT: Top 1% of cohort 3000+Top <5% in AR (750+)Top <5% in VR (750+)Top <5% in QR (750+)Top <5% in DM (750+)BMAT: Top 1% of cohortTop <5% in S1 7.1Top <5% in S2 7.3Offer from ExeterOffer from BirminghamOffer from CardiffA* in EPQ5 9s and 7 A*s at GCSE4 A*s at A levelAward for Highest GCSEs in yearTop Decile Birmingham Year 2 MBChBDistinction in Preclinical Year 2Top Decile Birmingham Year 3 MBChB

Hi there! I’m Sam, a friendly fourth-year medical student at Birmingham University. I’m here to help you get into the wonderful world of medicine by teaching you all you need to know to excel in your entrance exams and impress your interviewers. Medical school is famously fun, exciting, rich with learning experiences and prestigious but getting in can be hard and stressful. But I am here to help. I will go through any questions you have about any stage of the process, teach you tips and tricks for both interviews and exams that will make you stand out and share resources that helped me beat the competition. I will also share exclusive insights into what interviewers actually think about applicants and MMIs as I have worked with them in setting up interview stations and questions at my medical school and know what they are looking for in an answer. I am also very qualified to help. For both the BMAT and UCAT I achieved scores that placed me in the top 1% nationally and I received 3 medical school places and an Oxford interview. Now I am scoring in the top decile of my cohort at medical school – which is very relevant as I know well how to utilise what I learnt at school to make the most out of my medical education. I can therefore give you tips and tricks that will propel your exam performance into truly exceptional scores and can give personalised feedback tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. I can give you MMI style interviews much more accurately than most other medical students and tutors and have a unique insight into the mindset of examiners. I can’t wait to get to know you and share my knowledge, and I hope that you enjoy learning this content as much as I do teaching it!

Experienced Russian tutor
Experienced Russian tutor
University of Oxford
BA Modern Languages (Spanish and Russian)
4th Year
1 ratings
1st class honours in 1st year at OxfordAwarded Exhibitioners Prize at OxfordA*A*AB at A-LevelA in EPQGrade 9 Spanish and French GCSEsLevel 5 TEFLAchieved 6x 9s 5x 8s and 1x 7 at GCSE

Hello! I’m Lauren and I’m in my final year of studying Spanish and Russian at the University of Oxford. Outside of academia, I like to stay active, playing rugby for Oxford’s first team. I enjoy travelling and immersing myself in other cultures, which I did a lot of on my year abroad: I have lived and worked in Russia, Colombia, Cuba, and Spain, and I am planning to go to Kazakhstan next! Living in foreign countries (often on my own) has made me an outgoing, enthusiastic, and proactive person. It was a very different experience to living on the farm I grew up on in coastal Wales!
I’ve had such a positive experience studying and living in Oxford, and I am excited to share what I have learned with others who are aspiring to study here too. I am happy to give advice on personal statements, interviews, or admissions tests.
Please feel free to reach out!

Experienced Russian tutor
Experienced Russian tutor
University of Oxford
German and Russian
4th Year
Student at Oxford UniversityReceived offers from 5 Russel Group universitiesScored a 9/10 (Excellent) in my Oxford Interviews49/50 on my Extended Project Qualification

Hi there, I’m Owen a 4th year German and Russian student at Oxford University. I’ve been tutoring for two years now and enjoy the process of helping students reach their full academic potential.

I understand that learning languages in school is a difficult task and often needs tailored help for the individual rather than the class. I focus on building confidence in grammar and vocabulary, which when taught correctly are the key to understanding any language.

I endeavour to create a relaxed but focused atmosphere, in which it is encouraged for the student to make mistakes – this shows me that they are pushing themselves. In language, it is fundamental to make mistakes in order to learn – we all did when we learnt our first language. I then build upon this, tailoring sessions to the student in order to reinforce areas in which they are less confident. As sessions go by, the same words or grammar structures will continuously reappear. It is only by this constant exposure to language that we begin both to learn and memorise it.

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    Experienced Russian tutor
    Experienced Russian tutor
    University of Melbourne
    BA Russian Studies
    Top 0.5% (99.5) ATARlived in Germanylived in Francelived in RussiaBA Russian StudiesMFA Actinghighest score in my year (Russian)highest score in my year (French and German)offer from ANU

    Hi! My name’s Lewis, and I’m a teacher, actor and musician. I spent my late teens and early twenties studying, travelling and living abroad to hone my language skills. This began with a stint in France after completing school, and continued with a year-long exchange program in Moscow as part of my BA. I was at the top of the highest-level Russian language class offered by Moscow State University when I left. After my studies, I lived in Berlin for 18 months, where I gained my CELTA qualification and taught English at Sprachinstitut language school. Unusually for a foreigner in Berlin, I conducted almost all of my daily life in German. I am still routinely mistaken for a native speaker four years later. I am working on official certificates for my French and German, but the high level I have has been achieved by reading and the in-country experience of conducting friendships and work relationships in the language. I am also a professional actor. Acting skills benefit my teaching enormously, as they enable me to communicate effectively, and accurately determine the needs of my students. The close textual analysis that actors do is also very helpful in the study of English literature and philosophy, in which I had success both in school and in university. In my spare time I write and direct films, and play guitar in various projects.

    Experienced Russian tutor
    Experienced Russian tutor
    Acheieved 9 in GCSE Russianpredicted to achieve A* in A-level

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    Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

    How much do Russian tutors cost per hour?

    The cost of a Russian tutor can vary depending on their qualifications and experience. Generally, private tutors charge between £30.00 and £50.00 per hour, with online lessons often slightly cheaper than in-person lessons

    Can you take Russian lessons online?

    Yes, you can take Russian lessons online! All of our tutors offer online tutoring, most of them through our state-of-the-art online classroom which has been built by us to meet all your needs.

    Our students say

    What I particularly enjoy about these lessons is the emphasis on culture. My Russian tutor seamlessly weaves in cultural insights, allowing me to not just learn the language but also understand the context and nuances of Russian communication. Learning about Russian traditions, food, and customs during lessons has made the experience incredibly enriching.
    My Russian tutor encourages me to apply what I've learned in real-life scenarios. We discuss everyday topics, which not only improves my speaking skills but also boosts my confidence. These conversations have made me feel more prepared to engage with native Russian speakers.
    The Russian lessons are well-organised and cover all aspects of the language, from grammar to vocabulary. I really like how my tutor focuses on things that I'm interested in. I've enjoyed learning vocabulary related to my job.
    Coming from a Russian family, I have never lived in Russia but wanted to learn the language. My Russian teacher paid close attention to the intricacies of Russian phonetics and focused on pronunciation exercises. Their feedback and correction have been instrumental in helping me achieve better pronunciation.