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A-Level Sociology Revision Notes

Explore sociological concepts and theories with our A-level sociology revision notes. Organised into manageable topics, these study notes enable you to hone in on the specific areas you want to revise without having to scan through large textbooks. If you’d like more support, our A-Level Sociology tutors are here to answer any questions and help you through those tricky topics.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

What are some effective revision techniques for A-Level Sociology exams?

Effective revision for A-Level Sociology involves active engagement. Try creating concise flashcards summarizing key sociological concepts, theorists, and their theories. Additionally, practice essay writing to develop your analytical skills.

How can I remember key sociological theorists and their contributions?

Mnemonics can help! For example, to remember Emile Durkheim's theory on social integration, think of "Durkheim's Dance" where individuals integrate and dance together in a society, illustrating his ideas about social cohesion.

What are some essential topics to focus on for A-Level Sociology revision?

Core topics like family, education, crime, and deviance are crucial. Additionally, pay attention to contemporary issues like globalization, gender, and social inequality. Relate these topics to real-world examples to help you understand their influence and retain the information.

What's the best way to handle essay questions with limited time in the exam?

It is important to prioritize your points and plan your essay quickly. Focus on quality over quantity. Start with a clear introduction that outlines your argument. Use PEEL (Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link) paragraphs to present your ideas, including sociological concepts and evidence. If time runs out, make sure to provide a concise conclusion that summarizes your main arguments. It's better to finish strong on a few points than to rush through many.