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UCAT University

Our UCAT University revision notes are your essential resource for taking the UCAT exam. These notes provide in-depth insights and strategies to excel in all sections of the UCAT. Read more UCAT advice as well to ensure you succeed in the UCAT!


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

What is the UCAT, and why do I need to take it?

The UCAT is a standardised test used by UK universities for admissions to medical and dental programmes. It assesses your cognitive abilities, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Taking the UCAT is a mandatory requirement for applying to these programmes, and your score can significantly impact your chances of securing a place.

When should I start preparing for the UCAT?

Ideally, you should start your UCAT preparation several months before your intended test date. Most students begin their preparation in the spring or early summer of the year they plan to apply to medical or dental programs. This allows you ample time to study, practice, and familiarise yourself with the test format.

What resources are available for UCAT revision?

There are various resources available for UCAT revision, including official UCAT practice materials, prep courses, and online question banks. Additionally, many websites offer free revision notes and UCAT practise questions, which can be valuable in your preparation.

How do I use the UCAT revision notes?

You can use them however you like! Either as bite-sized pieces for a quick revision boost or as a starting point where you can add your own notes from other sources.

Should I write my own UCAT revision notes?

Writing your own revision notes is a good example of active learning as you are engaging in the subject matter, rather than passively reading a textbook. However, you don't have to start from scratch. You can use our notes as a base and add to them or you can make flashcards as an extra summary and use them to revise when you need a recap.

How can I improve my time management during the UCAT exam?

Time management is crucial for the UCAT since it's a time-pressured test. To improve your time management, practice with timed mock tests regularly. Learn to allocate a set amount of time to each section and question. Skip challenging questions and come back to them if necessary to avoid getting stuck and losing valuable time.

Are there any strategies for success in the UCAT exam?

Yes, several strategies can help you succeed in the UCAT exam. Firstly, practice as many sample questions as possible to become familiar with the test format. Work on improving your speed and accuracy in each section. Additionally, stay calm and focused during the test, and if you're stuck on a question, make an educated guess rather than leaving it unanswered. Finally, consider enrolling in a UCAT preparation course or using reputable online resources to get expert guidance and tips.