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AQA A-Level Chemistry Revision Notes

These A Level AQA Chemistry revision notes have been created to support your chemistry revision. Each of the notes have been divided into topics to make it easier to access the information that you need. Need some exam preparation support? Check out our A Level Chemistry past papers with practise questions.

AQA 3.3.7 Optical isomerism


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

What are the best resources for AQA A Level Chemistry?

There are so many resources for revising for your Chemistry exam that it's hard to pick! Remember that it's quality over quantity though - having 10 revision guides will not help you revise better, in fact it can be overwhelming! Choose a resource that suits your learning style, which might be a textbook, flashcards or videos.

What is assessed in the AQA A-Level Chemistry exam?

Students will be assessed on physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. This will require mathematical abilities and demonstration of practical skills through written tasks.

Is there a practical assessment in AQA A-Level Chemistry?

Practical skills will be assessed through the written papers, which will include demonstrating your understanding of using apparatus safely. These marks will form part of your final marks. There will be a separate endorsement of skills through a practical assessment which will be assessed by your teachers.