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Master Geometry for the 11+ Exam

Expert 11 plus Geometry Tutor

Your child's score in the geometry part of the 11+ test can be greatly improved with the supervision and support of a tutor. Study Mind's 11 plus Geometry tutors will make sure that your child is well-prepared, familiar with the test structure, and has the required abilities to succeed.

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      Discover more 11+ Tutors below, we offer a selection of 100 highly qualified tutors for you to choose from

      Experienced 11+ tutor
      Experienced 11+ tutor
      University of Cambridge
      3rd Year
      5 ratings
      Recieved 5/5 offers from my choicesHelped one receive Cambridge maths offerMinimum grade achieved at GCSE was 7Achieved 5 grade 9s at GCSEA* with distinction at GCSE Further MathsA*A*A*A at A-level

      Hey! My name is Shyam and I am a 3rd year maths student at Cambridge. I have experience teaching younger students during A-levels as part of a charity program known as MathsMakers, where I volunteered to help students catch up with their peers by guiding them to learn and truly understand the mathematics they are being taught rather than blindly accepting rules. I enjoy teaching as it allows to to give back to the world as well as the opportunity to ensure students can appreciate what they are learning instead of memorising content for the sake of memorising it. I attended a non-grammar state school growing up so was not given sufficient help when preparing for entrance tests and interviews and aim to ensure that others don’t have to self-teach and instead can be given the attention and help required to prosper.

      Experienced 11+ tutor
      Experienced 11+ tutor
      University of Oxford
      1st Year
      1 ratings
      A*A*A* at A levelAMC 12 honour roll

      My name is Yijia Chen (Keira), currently studying mathematics as an undergraduate at University of Oxford. For me, Math is filled with fun, excitement, and of course sometimes frustration. But I always believe that everyone who is genuinely interested in maths can do it well, though sometimes learning could be taxing and time-consuming. But don’t worry! I can share my way of learning math, for you to learn the most with the least time.
      Of course, I love math, and teaching is fun. I had a gap year before I came to Oxford. During that time, I worked for educational consultancy firms where I got to teach Year 11 and 12 students to help them with their university applications. I think passing knowledge to prospective students, and possibly seeing them on campus next year is extremely heartwarming!


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      We recognise that every child is unique, and their learning needs vary. Our tutors will assess your child's current abilities and create a personalized learning plan that targets their specific areas for improvement. This ensures that your child receives the individual attention they need to excel in Geometry.

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      Expertise in 11 Plus Geometry Preparation

      Our tutors are highly experienced in teaching geometry and have a deep understanding of the 11+ exam format. They are skilled at breaking down complex geometric concepts into simple, relatable terms, ensuring that your child grasps the fundamentals with ease.

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      Comprehensive 11 plus Geometry Curriculum

      Our carefully crafted curriculum covers all aspects of geometry, including shapes, angles, measurements, and problem-solving. Through engaging lessons and practical applications, we equip your child with the skills and strategies necessary to tackle any geometric question they may encounter in the 11+ exam.

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      11 plus Geometry Learning: Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

      Geometry often involves complex problem-solving scenarios. A tutor can teach your child effective strategies and techniques to approach and solve geometry problems efficiently. These problem-solving skills will be valuable not only for the exam but also for their overall mathematical development.

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      Regular Progress Monitoring

      We understand the importance of keeping parents informed about their child's progress. Our tutors provide regular feedback and progress reports, so you can track your child's improvement and celebrate their achievements along the way.

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        I cannot recommend our 11+ geometry tutor enough! They were incredibly knowledgeable and patient, making sure my child understood each geometric concept thoroughly. The tutor's personalized approach helped my child build a strong foundation in geometry and boosted their confidence for the exam. Thanks to their guidance, my child achieved excellent results in the geometry section. Highly recommended!
        Our experience with the 11+ geometry tutor was exceptional. They had a deep understanding of the subject and a knack for explaining complex geometric concepts in a simple and relatable manner. The tutor's dedication and personalized approach ensured that my child grasped each topic effectively. Their progress in geometry was remarkable, and they were well-prepared for the exam. I'm grateful for the tutor's expertise and highly recommend their services.
        The 11+ geometry tutor we found was a game-changer for my child's preparation. They had a fantastic ability to break down challenging geometric concepts into manageable parts, ensuring my child understood and retained the information. The tutor's patience and encouragement played a significant role in boosting my child's confidence. Thanks to their guidance, my child performed exceptionally well in the geometry section of the exam.
        The tutor provided a structured and comprehensive approach to learning geometry, covering all the necessary topics and strategies for the exam. My child's understanding of geometry improved significantly, and they achieved outstanding results.
        Brigid Seyram AyiteBrigid Seyram Ayite
        Their sessions are very concise and I like the fact that the hosts take their time to answer and explain when difficulties arise. I would definitely recommend this because u’ll get your monies worth and more!

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          🧑🏽‍💻What is the best way to learn geometry?

          Hiring a geometry tutor can provide personalised instruction and guidance tailored to your specific needs. Tutors can help clarify concepts, provide additional practice materials, and offer valuable insights to enhance your learning experience.

          ❓Is geometry the easiest math?

          Geometry may be simpler for some people because it incorporates visual thinking and spatial correlations, but algebra 1 may be easier for others since it focuses on manipulating symbols and equations. It eventually comes down to your mathematical talents and inclinations.

          📚Why do kids struggle with geometry?

          Geometry may be challenging for youngsters because they have trouble visualising how forms operate at different angles. Even math prodigies might struggle with geometry since it does not follow a logical approach like most other subjects they study in school.

          💰 How much does the 11 plus Geometry tutoring cost?

          Our 11+ Geometry course is focused on flexibility and personalised revision. Costs vary based on the number of hours of individual tutoring you require. If you’re unsure, our experts can help you during your free consultation.

          🌍Where do the 11+ Geometry lessons take place?

          Our 11+ Geometry tutors bring the classroom to you! All our lessons are delivered virtually via Zoom to allow for a safe, comfortable and flexible learning environment.

          🤔Who are the 11 plus Geometry tutors?

          We have many experienced 11+ Geometry tutors in our team, who have experience working with younger students. Your 11+ tutor will tailor the lessons to the specific needs of the student and adapt their teaching style to ensure lessons are interactive and engaging.

          ⏰When should my child start preparing for the 11 plus Geometry test?

          The best time to begin preparing for the 11+ Geometry test depends on your child's present level of comprehension and ability to absorb mathematical ideas. It is normally advised, however, to begin preparations in Lower Key Stage 2, which is approximately Year 3 or Year 4. This gives students enough time to learn the relevant geometry concepts and build a solid foundation in the subject.

          Starting early has various advantages. It helps your youngster to progressively become acquainted with geometric principles, forms, angles, and problem-solving skills. Through constant practice and reinforcement, they may improve their geometry abilities and confidence.

          ✨Does Study Mind have reviews?

          Yes! We have over 1000+ five star reviews on Trustpilot across Study Mind and Medic Mind (our sister company). We have even been voted as one of Trustpilot's Top 40 Educational Companies.
          If that's not enough, we are backed by top schools and universities in the UK!