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We believe that philosophy is more than just an abstract exercise in logic and reasoning; it is also a practical instrument for navigating the complicated ethical dilemmas we confront in everyday life. That is why, regardless of background or experience level, we endeavour to make philosophy education accessible and relevant to all students.

We have a faultless track record of serving philosophy students at all levels and have consistently exceeded their expectations.🌟

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    Experienced Philosophy tutor
    Experienced Philosophy tutor
    University of Nottingham
    Medicine Graduate Entry
    3rd Year
    100 ratings
    Distinction in Chemistry A levelHelped 6 receive UCL and Leicester offerLecturer Bioethics Princeton University

    Hello everybody!!! My name is Dana and I am very excited about tutoring and giving students the opportunity to fulfill their dream to become doctors. Aim high and never get tired of achieving your dreams is my mantra.

    A start in life signed by trauma and many difficult other circumstances could have represented the word end to the perspective of aiming high. Many people around me kept reminding me to “keep it simple and stay low”. I did not listen.

    I worked very hard to get to the level of achievement that would have made me go to places I wanted to be. And I did it with some tears, and by changing two countries from my original native country of Italy. But mostly I did with the joy of knowing that one day I would have GOT THERE.

    BSc and MSc in Political theory at LSE

    PhD and Postdoctoral Research Appointment in Bioethics at Princeton University. Being the youngest, only female and foreign member of the Department of Politics in Princeton, working with and learning from some of the biggest bioethicists alive gave me the sheer pleasure of thinking “I HAVE ACHIEVED MY DREAMS”.

    Then severe illness stroke, I become unable to work at the usual standards that had given me success and happiness. A need to reinvent one’s life and start afresh materialised.

    After recovering from illness, mid-late thirties, my journey towards medicine has started. At thirty plus I attended College to achieve A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths with best result of the year for Chemistry.
    Prepared for GAMSAT and received high scores the very first time sitting.
    Received 4 interviews and 2 offers in total.




    Experienced Philosophy tutor
    Experienced Philosophy tutor
    Imperial College London
    2nd Year
    86 ratings
    Top 10% in S1Top 10% in S2Medicine Interview at CambridgeOffer from Imperial College LondonOffer from Newcastle University49/50 in EPQAchieved 8 9’s at GCSEAchieved A*A*A*A at A-LevelHighest RS GCSE score in my year losing 1 mark860 in AR Top 5%760 in QR Top 5%Band 1 in SJT

    Hi I’m Leah from Chester and I’m about to start my 3rd year studying Medicine at Imperial College London. The medicine application process can be super daunting and I’d love to help make it easier for you! My scores are great but I also have the skills and characteristics to teach you and share that knowledge effectively. I’ve loved my time at medical school so far, and would be honoured to help you get here too! I had some amazing teachers at GCSE and A-Level and having tutored and received tutoring before, I know exactly what makes an effective lesson. I’m friendly, chatty and supportive. I go above and beyond and will deliver sessions that are engaging and useful. Whether it’s mock interviews, tips and tricks to ace the UCAT, practicing essays, working on your EPQ or revising subject content – I can help you to take the process in your stride and get those results! The process can be really stressful and I want to help you stay calm and collected. I look forward to meeting you!

    Experienced Philosophy tutor
    Experienced Philosophy tutor
    University of Oxford
    Experimental Psychology
    15 ratings
    Offer from OxfordOffer from WarwickOffer from BristolOffer from BathA*A*A* at A-LevelA* in A Level BiologyA* in A Level Philosophy Psychology and EthicsA* in A Level PsychologyA* full marks EPQAchieved 7 9s at GCSELevel 9 Biology GCSELevel 9 Religious Studies GCSE1st in BA Experimental PsychologyOxford Graduate

    Hello! I’m Amy, a recent graduate from Oxford University with a 1st in BA Experimental Psychology. I achieved 3 A*s at A-Level (Psychology, Biology, Religious Studies), full marks and an A* in my EPQ, and 7 level 9’s at GCSE (including maths and biology). At the moment, I’m working as a Research Assistant at the University of Kent, studying children’s conversational ability. In my free time, I sing in a choir, spoil my cat and attempt to crochet (badly).

    I’ve always loved learning and exploring exciting new ideas, and this passion has helped push me to where I am today. As such, I’m eager to help support students through tutoring in the way that my teachers supported me!
    —–>I’m particularly interested in Psychology, Biology, English and Religious Studies, and offer tutoring in these subjects from KS3 to A-Level (+ University level for Psychology).
    —–>I can also offer guidance on personal statement writing, and the Oxbridge interviews process; I know from experience how daunting the university application process can be, especially coming from a state school background, and am eager to help make it a little less painful.
    —–>Finally, I offer tutoring in preparation for the 11+. I also received some tutoring when preparing for the 11+, and was able to gain entry to the top grammar school in my region. I also regularly chat with 10-11 year olds as part of my job, so have lots of experience talking with this age group.

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      Experienced Philosophy tutor
      Experienced Philosophy tutor
      King's College London, University of London
      MSc Physics
      4th Year
      14 ratings
      Offer from UCLOffer from DurhamOffer from WarwickAchieved 12 A*s at GCSE6 A-Levels (3 sciencesPhilosophy and Further Maths)

      I am currently an MSc Physics student with interests to pursue academia and research. Previously, I studied BSc Natural Sciences (specialising in Physics and Mathematics) at UCL. Coming from an interdisciplinary degree, I have been able to appreciate the interconnectedness of the varying sciences and mathematics. I have had tutoring experience with Medic Mind over the past 3 years, with a particular focus on teaching GCSE and A-Level Sciences and Mathematics. I aim to provide the quality of teaching tailored to a specific student, with an emphasis on their concerns and demands for their academic progress. My proficiency in the subjects I teach is also reflected in my completion of GCSE Sciences by Year 10. I have also co-edited tutorials and books for Medic Mind, and so I am equipped in teaching the content we deliver.

      Experienced Philosophy tutor
      Experienced Philosophy tutor
      King's College London, University of London
      8 ratings
      28 on LNAT (16% higher than cohort)Student LLB offers received: Bristol & KCL2022 Prize for Advanced Ethics & Politics (KCL)Jelf Medal (KCL)A* at A-level (French)First class degree (Philosophy)

      After graduating with a Philosophy BA (first class) from King’s College London, I worked in commercial law for one of the world’s leading tech companies for a period of one year, before leaving to pursue my own entrepreneurial career in app development.

      LNAT tutoring: I have secured entry to Durham University and King’s College London (among others) for LNAT students, helping them achieve marks of 31+.

      French tutoring: I am a native French speaker and obtained A* at A-level French (native speaker exam) as well as A* at GCSE. I have acted as French teacher and curriculum designer to home-schooled students, helping them to achieve A at A-level, as well as securing multiple high-scoring IB and GCSE results.

      Legal experience: I have completed mini-pupillages at top commercial law chambers such as Quadrant Chambers and Four New Square, and won several moot court competitions both within King’s College and representing the university on the European stage, all of which has given me extensive academic and professional legal experience.

      Experienced Philosophy tutor
      Experienced Philosophy tutor
      University of Durham
      Religion, Society and Culture
      1st Year
      5 ratings
      49/50 in EPQAchieved 8 9s and 2 8s at GCSEAchieved A*AA at A-LevelFrequently won top score in RS and HistoryDurham Undergraduate in Theology

      Hi, I am currently studying Theology at Durham after doing A-Levels in RS, History and Politics! Eager to offer my help in all of those subjects at A-Level plus GCSE History and RS. I picked up a lot of exam techinque tips that can make life a lot easier and just want to pass them along! I have flexible availability so I can tutor when it suits you and I can cater for many different learning styles! Exams are hard but they don’t have to be as difficult when you have a clear focus and motivation which is what I can help you achieve! I have been tutoring in a variety of subjects for nearly a year and have an extensive collection of resources and essay plans to help you through your exams! I am just looking to pass along the inspiration and passion for the subjects that I cultivated during my A-Levels!


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        Our students love us!

        My A-Level Philosophy tutor helped me to understand the challenging material through in-depth explanations and discussions. They were always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that I was fully grasping the concepts and receiving the support I needed to succeed.
        I was struggling with essay writing in my A-Level Philosophy course, but my tutor provided me with valuable feedback and guidance that helped me to improve my writing skills and achieve better grades on my assignments. I highly recommend this tutoring service to any A-Level Philosophy student!
        Wonderful tutor, explained the topic through notes as well as drawings to help us get a visual understanding and made sure everyone understood. Really liked the way he would asks us questions and everyone’s interaction.
        John DJohn D
        I really appreciated the personalized approach of my philosophy tutor. They took the time to get to know my learning style and tailor their sessions to my individual needs. I can confidently say that my writing and critical thinking skills have improved significantly since working with them.
        The teaching is great by my philosophy tutor and I'm able to understand the topics I didn't understand I'm class. She is also really friendly so I can ask all my questions without any worry.
        I was struggling with a particularly challenging ethical theory course, but my philosophy tutor was able to break down the concepts for me in a way that made sense. Thanks to their help, I aced the class!
        BluelightningCJ wilkinBluelightningCJ wilkin
        I would have to rate my experience 5/5. I feel like I've really been able to connect with the tutors and learn so much with there help feels like I would of never of gotten too this stage without them. Been a real pleasure to work with them.
        The philosophy tutoring is great to be honest. The Tutors are really helpful and ensure that we fully understand the topics before moving on. As students, we have full control of what we want to cover in each lesson. It's been a great experience and my improvements have been evident. Would definitely recommend

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          What tutoring do you offer for Philosophy exams?

          We offer A-Level Philosophy Tutors and IB Philosophy Tutors for Exam Preparation. For additional information, please contact us!

          🧑‍🏫Is it worth it to study philosophy?

          Philosophy studies help to strengthen reasoning and critical thinking skills. Philosophy majors' skills are transferable to practically any career. Students get knowledge about questions. How to ask good questions and discern between those that are worthwhile and those that are not.

          🌟What is the studies of philosophy?

          Philosophy is the systematic search for fundamental truths and the desire for a complete understanding of the world 1. It entails investigating broad and fundamental concerns concerning existence, reason, knowledge, values, the mind, and language. Questioning, critical discussion, rational argument, and methodical presentation are all philosophical techniques. Historically, philosophy has included all bodies of knowledge, and a philosopher is someone who practises philosophy.

          🤔 Who are the Philosophy tutors?

          Our Philosophy tutors are all experienced students who have excelled in their A-Levels. We conduct extensive background checks to ensure that our tutors are competent, responsible, and personable. To ensure a secure and friendly learning atmosphere, all tutors are DBS vetted, and all lessons are recorded. Throughout the process, your tutor will form a bond with you, serving as a teacher, motivating coach, and friend!

          🎆 What is unique about our Psychology Tutoring

          All of the materials provided by our Psychology Tutors are specification-specific. We have developed a course tailored to your exam board, using years of research and examiner experience. All of our tutors will go through A-level/GCSE/IB Psychology Past Papers in detail. Psychology tutors can be hit and miss but we ensure that our tutoring is tailored to your specification!

          🗣️ Is the Philosophy Tuition online or face-to-face?

          Our Philosophy tuition is all done online in MS Teams Classroom. We've created amazing presentations, and we'll share our screen with you during the session to make learning more engaging and effective. We offer an interactive experience that includes slide-based learning with explanatory illustrations as well as a focus on past works. Online tuition is handy since we can work around your schedule and you may learn from the comfort of your own home! Lessons are recorded on MS Teams so that you can review them afterwards.

          ✍️How long will it take to improve my philosophy score?

          The solution is as unique as you are! strengthening your score will require a combination of strengthening your fundamental abilities, exam knowledge, and replying speed.

          Your Philosophy instructor will be able to tailor your studies so that you achieve the most progress in the least amount of time.

          📑How will my tutor help me to improve my Philosophy Test score?

          All of our tutors will lead you through our exact, up-to-date study resources, which have been designed to provide you with more test practice and a better grasp of the various question types.

          Each area will have its own lesson. The philosophy tutors will walk you through the exam areas that you are struggling with and will provide you with helpful solutions.