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Study Mind provides an admissions guide to Radley College School, as well as a link to proven success tutors with special Radley College knowledge who can help your children with the application process.

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    Experienced Radley College School Admissions Philosophy tutor. Cambridge PhD student with Double First Class and Distinction
    Experienced Radley College School Admissions Philosophy tutor. Cambridge PhD student with Double First Class and Distinction
    University of Cambridge
    pHD Year

    I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Clare College, University of Cambridge, working in ethics and the philosophy of science. Before this, I completed a Master’s in Philosophy of Science (first class with Distinction) and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (double first class), both at Cambridge. For my PhD I was awarded full funding under a joint UKRI AHRC scholarship and the Clare College Badger studentship – a funding award that included panel selection from the Department, the University of Cambridge and the UK government’s research council. I was also offered full PhD funding from the University of Oxford medical department, King’s College London law department (the only student to receive a scholarship offer from KCL that year) and UCL Philosophy. Prior to this I also received an offer of a two-year scholarship at Pembroke College, Oxford, which I declined. At Cambridge I have won 5 awards for finishing first in my year in the research component of my Master’s, as well as for finishing in top 10% and top 5% of my year each year of study.

    I have been tutoring for 4+ years at all levels, including for Oxbridge admissions and essay competitions. As a tutor I can help students to perform at the best of their academic abilities, offering support and guidance tailored to each student’s needs. I have experience guiding students in Oxbridge and UK university applications, John Locke essay competition, first and second year undergraduate essays, A Level Philosophy and English Literature (AQA, Edexcel, OCR), GCSE Philosophy, Latin and English Literature (AQA, Edexcel, OCR).

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          The best time for your child to begin preparing for Radley College will be determined by the age at which they intend to apply. It's vital to note that admissions to Radley College School are pretty tricky, so getting started early can help put your child up for success. The more time your child has to prepare with our tutor, the more he will be able to exhibit his talents, skills, and interests to the admissions committee.

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