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A-Level Biology Revision Notes

Our A-Level Biology revision notes have been compiled into exam boards and topics, and cover everything from Immunity and Vaccinations to the Neuromuscular Junction. If you need a further boost, why not access our past papers to practise answering A-Level Biology test questions.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

Should I write my own A-Level Biology revision notes?

You can choose to write your own revision notes or use ours as a starting point to write yourself some cue cards or flashcards as a way of recapping information.

How can I revise for the A-Level Biology exams when there is so much to learn?

Begin by creating a structured study plan that allocates time for each topic in the syllabus. Focus on understanding core concepts and their interconnections. Create concise summary notes for each topic, emphasizing key processes, definitions, and diagrams. Engage in active learning by explaining complex concepts to others or teaching them to yourself. Practice past exam questions and participate in peer discussions to deepen your understanding. Regularly review and quiz yourself to reinforce your knowledge across different biological themes.

What is the best way to remember biological processes and pathways for A-Level Biology exams?

To remember complex biological processes, create visual aids like flowcharts or diagrams that represent pathways and interactions. Develop mnemonic devices or acronyms to remember sequences or key components. Practice drawing diagrams or labelling biological structures, which can improve visual memory. Explain these processes in your own words to reinforce your understanding. Engage in active recall by testing your knowledge with flashcards or self-quizzing. Consider creating concept maps that connect different biological concepts to see how they relate to each other.