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Early Years Tutor

We provide online tutoring for students ages 4 to 10. At this age, the aim is to help fill any gaps in knowledge and to keep their confidence high during their early years educational journey.

A tutor can provide fun, engaging and targeted ways to prepare for these assessments! Get started today.

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Helena A

We had a tutor for our son in English and Maths for a few weeks, and we are very pleased with his progress; we can see how our son gained confidence and enjoys learning phonics!


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      Experienced Biology and math Early Years tutor
      Experienced Biology and math Early Years tutor
      Experienced Early Years Philosophy tutor. Cambridge PhD student with Double First Class and Distinction
      Experienced Early Years Philosophy tutor. Cambridge PhD student with Double First Class and Distinction
      University of Cambridge
      pHD Year

      I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Clare College, University of Cambridge, working in ethics and the philosophy of science. Before this, I completed a Master’s in Philosophy of Science (first class with Distinction) and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (double first class), both at Cambridge. For my PhD I was awarded full funding under a joint UKRI AHRC scholarship and the Clare College Badger studentship – a funding award that included panel selection from the Department, the University of Cambridge and the UK government’s research council. I was also offered full PhD funding from the University of Oxford medical department, King’s College London law department (the only student to receive a scholarship offer from KCL that year) and UCL Philosophy. Prior to this I also received an offer of a two-year scholarship at Pembroke College, Oxford, which I declined. At Cambridge I have won 5 awards for finishing first in my year in the research component of my Master’s, as well as for finishing in top 10% and top 5% of my year each year of study.

      I have been tutoring for 4+ years at all levels, including for Oxbridge admissions and essay competitions. As a tutor I can help students to perform at the best of their academic abilities, offering support and guidance tailored to each student’s needs. I have experience guiding students in Oxbridge and UK university applications, John Locke essay competition, first and second year undergraduate essays, A Level Philosophy and English Literature (AQA, Edexcel, OCR), GCSE Philosophy, Latin and English Literature (AQA, Edexcel, OCR).


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      We handpick all of our Early Years and Reception tutors who are qualified, dedicated experts. We only work with the very best!

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      Our tutors collaborate closely with parents and carers to identify areas for improvement, set attainable goals, and monitor progress. Your child can gain confidence and feel prepared to face any challenge with our unwavering support and guidance.

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      We have taught over 100,000 hours of lessons and have partnered with 50+ schools across the UK.

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      All virtual sessions are one-on-one and face-to-face. The tutor is completely focused on your child. Short sessions take advantage of a young child's attention span. Certified teachers are capable of tailoring lessons and building confidence in appealing and engaging ways.

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        Our child has made amazing progress with the help of their tutor. Their reading and writing skills have improved dramatically, and they're more confident in their abilities overall.
        We were hesitant to try tutoring services for our child, but we're so glad we did. The tutor is patient, kind, and provides just the right amount of guidance and support. Our child is excited to learn and loves their tutoring sessions!
        Our tutor has a real gift for working with young students. They're knowledgeable, engaging, and make learning fun. Our child looks forward to their tutoring sessions and we're thrilled with the progress they've made.
        I can't say enough good things about our Early Years Tutoring experience. The tutor is supportive, encouraging, and always finds creative ways to engage our child. They've made remarkable progress in just a few short months and we're excited to see how they continue to grow and thrive with the help of their tutor.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

          How can an Early Years private tutor help a 4-7 year old?

          If your child is struggling with certain subjects, such as maths, or if you feel they need more individual attention due to large class sizes, tuition can be a helpful solution. An Early Years learning tutor can provide one-to-one support after school or on weekends, helping with homework and ensuring your child doesn't fall behind in class. Our tutors use teaching methods that mirror those in the classroom, reinforcing your child's learning while also instilling a love of learning.

          How does private Early Years tuition work at this age?

          To ensure we provide the most effective Early Years tuition for your child, we begin with a detailed consultation to understand your child's interests, learning needs, and personality. This information helps us match your child with a tutor who can provide personalised support and guidance.

          Our tutors who work with children aged 4-7 are experts in early childhood education and use the same techniques and teaching methods as schools. Additionally, each Early Years tutor makes learning fun and engaging by incorporating positive reinforcement games that build your child's confidence and love of learning.

          How often should you tutor a child?

          We recommend scheduling at least two tutoring sessions per week, with each session lasting between 20 minutes to an hour depending on their age, to ensure your child receives the support they need. Our experienced tutors can function as teachers and can work with your child to teach their curriculum and reinforce learning.

          💻Where do the sessions take place?

          You will be able to access all the material, including the live lessons, from the comfort of your own home as the lessons are held virtually.

          💰Do I have to pay for all of the lessons upfront?

          We strive to make our courses as accessible as possible. You can discuss individual payment plans with our team during your FREE one-off consultation with our experienced Early Years tutors.