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A-Level Religious Studies Revision Notes

Delve into religious and philosophical ideas with our A-Level Religious Studies revision notes, which have been broken down into easy-to-understand topics to help you focus on concepts more easily.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

What are effective revision techniques for A-Level Religious Studies exams?

Effective revision involves active methods. Create flashcards with key terms, concepts, and quotes. Summarize complex ideas into concise notes. Practice essay writing, incorporating relevant theorists and real-life examples to strengthen your analysis.

What specific topics should I focus on for A-Level Religious Studies revision?

Focus on core topics like ethics, philosophy of religion, and religious texts, tailored to your exam board's requirements. For example, AQA may emphasize different ethical theories compared to OCR. It's helpful to be aware of your exam board syllabus so that you can tailor your study schedule to make sure you revise the right topics.

What's the best way to structure and write essays in Religious Studies exams?

Start with a clear introduction outlining your argument or thesis statement. Use structured paragraphs to present your arguments, including relevant philosophers, theologians, and ethical theories. Conclude by summarizing your key points and their implications. Ensure your writing is clear and concise, using appropriate terminology and citing sources accurately.