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Helena A

I loved my experience with Study Mind. The tutors were very friendly, and I liked how they tailored the approach to my weaknesses, with regular homework and testing in between the Zoom 1-1 lessons.


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    Our IB TOK tutors combine first-hand knowledge with top-notch tutoring to create personalised lesson plans based on your skills, weaknesses, and objectives. Our IB TOK tutors will also provide you with homework, assignments, and weekly progress reports, to help you reach your goal.

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    Our IB TOK tutors have all successfully the exam and will use their knowledge and experience, as well as tried and true teaching methods, to assist you in achieving your goals.

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    Whether you're a TOK enthusiast wanting to improve your grades or simply need some extra help, our IB TOK tutors can tailor your courses to your specific strengths, weaknesses, and objectives.

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      Shanaya MShanaya M
      Brilliant tutors, and generally just a great experience! Special thanks to Maya, Julia and Greg for their fantastic tuition for my daughter. I like how the team go the extra mile with their prompt communication and progress updates.
      Mikel LMikel L
      The Study Mind team were very friendly, and always at hand to help me out. Elisa was a personal mentor, helping to motivate and mentor me through my exams - thank you!
      Priya MPriya M
      I really liked the materials and homework I received between my tutoring lessons with my tutor, Naseem. The personal WhatsApp group meant I could communicate very quickly and they always replied instantly. Thanks guys!

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        We understand that you might have some questions before booking your first lesson. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, feel free to contact us!

        🤔Who are your IB TOK tutors?

        All of our IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) tutors have successfully completed their exam. They've also tutored and mentored students in situations similar to yours.

        💻Where will the lessons take place?

        Our IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course can be completed from the comfort of your own home, providing you with the greatest amount of flexibility. All you'll need is a reliable internet connection and a lot of perseverance!

        🌍In which locations do you provide IB TOK courses?

        Students from all around the UK are welcome to attend our IB TOK lessons! Our online TOK tutors will whisk you away to class! The following is a complete list of the services we offer in the United Kingdom:
        IB TOK Tutors in London, IB TOK Tutors in Newcastle, IB TOK Tutors in Oxford, IB TOK Tutors in Birmingham, IB TOK Tutors in Cambridge, IB TOK Tutors in Cardiff, IB TOK Tutors in Nottingham, IB TOK Tutors in Chelmsford, IB TOK Tutors in Belfast, IB TOK Tutors in Edinburgh, IB TOK Tutors in Glasgow, IB TOK Tutors in Manchester, IB TOK Tutors in Sheffield, IB TOK Tutors in Reading, IB TOK Tutors in Bristol, IB TOK Tutors in Reading - and much more!

        📝Should I take IB TOK?

        You should consider taking IB TOK if you're thinking about it! In TOK, students learn how to improve their critical and creative thinking skills through a fun programme. If you want to enroll in university courses, you may need to master TOK at a high level.

        📚Is IB TOK hard?

        IB TOK is regarded as one of the most challenging IB subjects. If you employ excellent study methods and have a passion for the subject, as well as the assistance of our IB TOK tutors, the course will be much easier.

        🗺️I’m an international student, is that an issue?

        Certainly not! The breadth of the baccalaureate is reflected in our IB TOK programme. As a result, we provide a wide range of services all over the world, such as:
        IB TOK Tutors in London, IB TOK Tutors in Australia, IB TOK Tutors in Singapore, IB TOK Tutors in India, IB TOK Tutors in New Zealand, IB TOK Tutors in Canada, IB TOK Tutors in America, IB TOK Tutors in Dubai, IB TOK Tutors in Hong Kong, IB TOK Tutors in Melbourne, IB TOK Tutors in Sydney - and much more!