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Experienced Bass Guitar tutor
Experienced Bass Guitar tutor
University of Oxford
3rd Year
Offer from Oxford for BA Literae Humanioresoffer from KCL for BA Classical Studies & Englishoffer from QMULoffer from University of Edinburghoffer from Durham for English LiteratureBook Award for Englishmerit award for Social Studiesmerit award for Biology

Hey! I’m Esther, a second-year undergrad studying Classics at Oxford, and I’m very excited to support and help you in whatever study situation you may find yourself in! I myself struggled through the IB—constantly trying to cram the barrage of new information into my head while consolidating the concepts we’d just covered—and have had my fair share of time grappling with the slew of university essay deadlines that relentlessly impeller themselves my way. However, with lots of prayer, guidance, and trial and error, I managed to formulate several methods of study and accumulate lots of advice and tips that I do hope you find helpful. I strongly emphasise the value of understanding concepts rather than memorising facts and replicating them during the exam, as understanding allows one to accurately tailor-fabricate answers directly to each individual question, and thus a higher likelihood of scoring highly. I strongly believe that earnestness, honesty, and integrity within studies are cardinal values for every student and tutor: I will abet every student to to, God willing, become the best student that they can be, rather than forcing textbook-emanates fragments of information into their memories for regurgitation during exams. Ultimately, sustained success in school and university comes from performing the best that one can—exercising one’s own abilities to the fullest potential—and that is what I aim to have each and every student of mine achieve.

Experienced Bass Guitar tutor
Experienced Bass Guitar tutor
University of Manchester
3rd Year
UCAT: 2850 top 6% in 2019830 in AR720 in DM2/4 offers received KCL and Uni of Manchesterall interviews Bristol and Newcastle5 9s GCSEsGCSE science all 9sBoth English 9sA's in a level biology chemistry and history3rd year medicine at University of Manchester

Hi there, my name is Rory and i am on my way into Third year at the University of Manchester (you may have read this several times on my account already!) and I am just starting to tutor through medic mind. I like to think i am a very easy going and relaxed medic. In my spare time i love to read and make music. At university, i take part in many extra curricular activities such as playing guitar in a band, playing tennis and surfing with the society on top of this. It is this that i believe demonstrates my ability to both excel academically while maintaining a vibrant social life, an attribute i would like to think enables a healthy and comfortable tutor- tutee dynamic, something i will strive for. Previously, I have tutored younger children for the 11+ entrance examination as well as taught them guitar. While medic mind is obviously a step up, I believe the fundamentals of tailoring a bespoke and engaging tutoring session is of utmost importance, ( I should hope medic mind will involve less tantrums and sweeties!). I vehemently believe that to teach someone is the best way of learning and growing, and as someone who will always strive for this, i would love the opportunity to tutor anyone who is interested. Im sure you will help me as much as i will help you.

Experienced Bass Guitar tutor
Experienced Bass Guitar tutor
University of Oxford
Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics
A*A*A at A-LevelOxford Graduate

Mary is a Psychology and Linguistics graduate from the University of Oxford, specializing in metacognition, language and thought, and ethical studies.

During her time at university, Mary actively contributed to various research initiatives. Notably, she collaborated with UCL and mental health charity States of Mind, investigating the impact of the education system on young people’s mental health. Mary also played a pivotal role in a research project at the Oxford Babylab, focusing on children’s body posture responses to failed or successful helping behavior. In addition to her research, Mary engaged with over 30 conferences, where she shared insights into educational psychology. Her impactful presentations extended to meetings with members of parliament in education select committees.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Mary was an influential figure in Oxford’s Psychology Society, where she facilitated talks with renowned psychologists. Prior to university, she demonstrated leadership as the president of her high school debate club, while also immersing herself in the musical theatre society and showcasing her musical talent by playing bass in a band.

Mary’s academic excellence is reflected in her A-A* grades across GCSEs and A Levels. Her passion for psychology, dedication to research, and commitment to educational outreach make her a valuable contributor to the field.

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    How much do Bass Guitar tutors cost per hour?

    The cost of a Bass Guitar tutor can vary depending on their qualifications and experience. Generally, private tutors charge between £30.00 and £50.00 per hour, with online lessons often slightly cheaper than in-person lessons

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