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Complaints Policy

  1. Definitions

1a. All employees, students, partners and tutors are able to air grievances and give feedback to Study Mind about their procedures, policies and structure at any time.

Study Mind operates an open policy of taking on all feedback and incorporating it into improvements in the company and its service. 

For information on Whistleblowing, please see the Whistleblowing Policy.

1b. A complaint is defined as a grievance in relation to the day to day running of an organisation, pertaining to matters such as (but not limited to:)

  • Organisational structure
  • Individual policies
  • Treatment from staff
  • Contract details
  • Customer service
  • Communication

It does not pertain to:

  • Criminal activity from the business
  • Misuse of funds
  • Ignoring policies and procedures
  • Dangerous/unsafe behaviour from staff

These are defined as Whistleblowing activities, so please check this policy for more information.

1c. Feedback is defined as either positive, neutral or negative comments on how a company operates. Negative feedback may constitute a complaint. Study Mind seeks to incorporate all feedback into improving its operations.

  1. Making a complaint

2a. Complaints can be submitted in writing via email, letter, online message, call or by completing our Feedback Form. 

You can submit complaints anonymously, but this will unfortunately mean that it will not be possible for Study Mind to discuss any future action or updates in terms of your complaint. As per our Privacy Policy, complaints can only be discussed with the named person or with relevant parties (for example, a parent) who have permission to discuss the complaint.

2b. Complaints are fed back to the management team via the online working platform and through the Complaints log. Complaints are logged with necessary information. All complaints must have been uploaded to these two locations within 3 working days in order to ensure prompt investigation.

2c. For minor complaints, administration staff must follow the set guidelines for addressing this. This is delivered through the staff training and is standardized across common issues, such as offering to change a tutor or to offer replacement lessons. Most complaints will be resolved at this stage.

2d. For more complex issues or complaints where the standardised amendments have been rejected by the customer, it is then referred to the General Manager. The General Manager is responsible for investigation and feeding this back to the rest of the senior management team, who must agree on a resolution. The General Manager will be responsible for relaying the information back to the customer, and ensuring they are satisfied with the outcome. This process must occur within 10 working days of the complaint being made. If a customer wishes to escalate the complaint or does not respond to requests for meetings from the General Manager, this may result in additional delays and no action will be taken until the General Manager has confirmed everything with the customer.

2e. Only Founders can approve refunds, so these may take up to 30 working days to process and arrange. For more information on our refunds policy, please see the Terms and Conditions.

2f. Complaints should be made in good faith and be reasonable. Study Mind does not accept complaints in regards to (but not limited to):

  • Anything amounting to bullying or harassment of a Study Mind employee
  • Unreasonable demands in terms of services or outcomes (such as a guarantee for a specific result)
  • Unreasonable demands on tutor time, where this has been communicated clearly. Students wishing for additional lessons may need to take on additional tutors if they want very frequent lessons if their current tutor cannot fulfill this need).
  • Unreasonable feedback on service (for example, requesting calls with staff members out of hours).

Attempts to tarnish Study Mind’s reputation will false or unfair feedback publicly will not be accepted. In cases where this amounts to a breach of law, Study Mind reserves the right to take legal action in order to protect our business and those we work with.

  1. Giving feedback

3a. Feedback can be given in the same way as a complaint. Only negative or neutral feedback is logged with complaints. Positive feedback is tracked separately.

3b. Feedback can be given also on TrustPilot, as well as on our own booking site and on individual tutor profiles. 

3c. Study Mind tracks positive tutor reviews and uses this information as the basis for increased wages, opportunities and promotion with tutors. 

3d. Anyone wishing to discuss their Study Mind experience, whether good, neutral or negative, can make an appointment with a General Manager to discuss this or complete the feedback form. All feedback is tracked and considered during policy review and, if possible, changes are made throughout the year in order to ensure improvements across the operations and service. Any feedback must be fed back to the team and an action plan created within 10 working days of receipt, though this may be longer if it involves institutional changes. Anyone giving feedback can request updates at any time.

  1. Internal feedback

4a. Internal feedback refers to feedback within the organisation. Staff who wish to give feedback can do so by contacting their line manager and organising a meeting or providing written feedback. Procedures will then be the same as external feedback.

  1. Feedback form

Tutor Feedback – Student Review

Strongly Disagree (1)Disagree (2)Neutral (3)Agree (4)Strongly Agree (5)
My tutor checks up on my progress and sets me homework
My tutor is on time and attends lessons 
My tutor has a clear structure for lessons
My tutor uses resources and slides to supplement their teaching 
My tutor has a good knowledge level for the subjects they teach
My tutor explains topics in a clear and student friendly way
I enjoy sessions with my tutor and feel that I can approach them with issues
My tutor listens to me, and I feel confident to ask questions
My tutor is responsive and messages well outside of lessons
Overall Rating
Very PoorPoorAverageGoodExcellent
Knowledge of Content
Explaining Concepts
Tone & Communication


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