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Highly Recommended Experienced Expert A/level Business Studies, Economics & Japanese tutor
Highly Recommended Experienced Expert A/level Business Studies, Economics & Japanese tutor
University of London
Economics & Management
3rd Year
59 ratings
A-Level - A & A* GCSE - 8 & 9A & A*

Hello! My name is Hikari.
I have four years of overall teaching experience. After completing my master’s degree, I aspire to become a full-time teacher. During this time, I have taught a wide range of courses, including GCSE Economics, GCSE Business Studies, A/level Economics, A/level Business Studies, IELTS, phonics, Eiken, Business English, and conversation.
As soon as I graduated from school, many students approached me to tutor them in Economics and business studies. I then began tutoring A/Level and O/Level Economics and Business Studies. All of the students I’ve taught so far have excelled in their Edexcel and Cambridge exams. Last year, one of my students won the subject prize.
During my academic journey, I have had the opportunity to study Economics at both the GCSE and A-Level levels, following the curriculum offered by prestigious examination boards such as Cambridge and Edexcel. I enjoy teaching Business Studies mainly. My experience in Economics has been enriching and insightful, allowing me to develop a solid understanding of fundamental economic principles and concepts. I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise as a tutor. With a passion for teaching and a strong grasp of economic principles, I am well-equipped to guide students through the complexities of the subject. My teaching approach focuses on breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible parts, providing real-world examples to enhance understanding, and fostering critical thinking skills. I am dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment that encourages active participation and growth. By choosing me as their Economics tutor, students can expect engaging lessons, personalized attention, and the tools necessary to excel in their exams and develop a deep appreciation for the subject.
I worked as a full-time teacher at a reputable international school. In addition to full-time teaching, I spent nearly two years teaching volunteers, primarily Japanese students residing in Japan, as well as overseas communication and other skills. I have also earned three diplomas to provide my students with the greatest education possible. I continued to become a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher. Teaching has become my favorite place to share my knowledge and assist students in their growth.

Excellent Japanese tutor
Excellent Japanese tutor
University College London, University of London
Human Sciences (BSc)
1st Year
1 ratings
Awarded 41 points in IBreceived grade 9 in for IGCSE biologyreceived grade 9 in for IGCSE physicsreceived grade 9 in for IGCSE art and designreceived level 7 for IB Biology HLreceived level 7 for IB Mathematics AI SLreceived level 7 for IB Japanese B SL

Hello! My name is Shreya and I’m Indian but lived in Japan my entire life. I’m currently in the UK for university as I am studying Human Sciences at UCL. I really love biology and maths and would also love to keep using my Japanese here so if you’re interested in any of these subjects you’ve come to the right tutor.

As a student who has completed both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the International GCSE (IGCSE), in both of which I have received outstanding results, I will be a great tutor for you for these secondary education programs. Not only will I ensure that you understand the content required by the specification, but I will also provide you with skills and tips to ensure you achieve outstanding results in your exams as well! Lastly, I am super friendly hence if you would like to talk to me about anything else, such as the university applications process and simply life in Japan or London and the UK, I am happy to chat.
I look forward to meeting my tutees and hearing from you soon!

Experienced Japanese Tutor
Experienced Japanese Tutor
University of Cambridge
Aeronautical Engineering
3rd Year
2 ratings
Offer from CambridgeOffer from ImperialA*A*A*A* at A-LevelAwarded 7 9s at GCSECan speak 7 languagesAm fluent in French and German

Hi everyone!
My name is Aadam and I am an Engineering student at Trinity College, Cambridge.

I have had experience guiding students in their Cambridge Engineering (and STEM) applications in everything from personal statements to interviews. I have particular experience in tutoring the entrance exams/interviews for which I have already prepared many resources.

Having gone through the experience myself, I understand the concerns you will have and stresses that you will be under so rest assured I will be there to answer any questions that you might have and make the process as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

I am also fluent in French and German so I can tutor you in these languages as well as in English if you prefer.

I am ready to help you succeed and hope to see you in Cambridge!

I have also had a lot of experience tutoring online via Zoom (nearly 5 years now) in many subjects at GCSE (and A-Level) so I am completely familiar with the process and I know to harness the many benefits of online tutoring and how to completely avoid its inevitable drawbacks.

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Be confident in your exams with our expert GCSE Japanese tutors. They will take you through all aspects of the exam including reading, writing, speaking and listening in a fun and interactive way.

A Level japanese tutor

Our A Level Japanese tutors have got you covered with content specific to the Edexcel exam board specifications. Learn all topics or focus on specific content to boost your confidence before exam day.

IB Japanese tutor

Whether its the MYP Japanese e-assessment or IB Diploma, our IB Japanese Tutors can support you in all areas of the exams, including specific language concepts as well as cultural aspects.

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    Experienced Japanese tutor
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    UCAT: Top 1% in all parts (850+ and Band 1 in SJ)BMAT: Achieved 9 9 5A overall for entryOffer from all choices (both BMAT and UCAT)Offer from all international (America and Sweden)Helped 20 students pass Oxbridge interviewsGCSE: acheived 9s in all subjectsA Level: A*A*A*A* in Bio Chem Maths PsychologyFull marks in EPQ
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    MA in Applied Linguistics & TESOL (merit)Trinity Cert TESOLBachelor of Arts (Honours)
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    University of Adelaide
    5th Year
    Interview: Offer from University of AdelaideHKDSE: 5 In biology

    I am Hillman, a detail-minded, well-organized, and considerate student studying Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I am very passionate in education and supporting the academic endeavors of schoolmates.

    Throughout my studies and placements, I am eager to apply problem-solving techniques to placements and work experiences such as parasitology and hematology. I also participated in a Summer Research Scholarship where I meticulously planned and conducted dissections of emus and Cape Barren geese for teaching displays, focusing mainly on flight vs. flightless bird anatomy.

    In the future, I want to take a chance to specialise in veterinary pathology, so that I can extend my education passion to other veterinarian colleagues or clients to explain the disease process behind the diagnostic specimens and suggest suitable treatment plans. Therefore, I also eagerly await the possibility of contributing to the important educating work carried out at this tutoring platform.

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    Discover more Japanese tutors below, we offer a selection of 827 highly qualified tutors for you to choose from

    Experienced Japanese tutor
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    University of Nottingham
    1st Year
    42/45 IB DP points776 in HL Economics BM and English L&LOffer from University of NottinghamOffer from Queen Mary University of LondonOffer from Reading

    My name is Gini Shah and I am a first year BSc Accountancy student at University of Nottingham. I have studied the IGCSE course and International Baccalaureate in Tokyo, Japan in K. International School Tokyo, the thirteenth best global IB school and the top ranked IB school Japan. As part of the IB DP program I studied six subjects including Economics, Business Management and English Language and Literature at a higher level, and Mathematics, Japanese, and Biology at a standard level. I received a full score of 7 in Economics, Business, Mathematics, and Japanese, and I received a six in English and Biology, totaling to a 42 out of 45 total IB points. Apart from the aforementioned subjects I also studied Theory of Knowledge and wrote a 4000 word Extended Essay.

    Although I am ethnically from Gujarat, India, I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I am able to speak four languages including, English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Japanese.

    In university I am a part of ENACTUS which is a network of leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. I work in the MINT division which is a multimedia education platform aimed at teaching university and secondary school students about how to manage their finances. Mint supports and inspires students to start their financial journey. Within MINT I am part of the Product and Services division which involves actually creating and presenting the workshops relating to finance to students. Thus far i have created workshops on topics including Money Myths and Mindsets and Debt. Designing workshops involve conducting extensive research on the topics. Through this I have broadened my financial knowledge as well as honed my creative skills involved in creating the presentations.

    As part of my extracurriculars in school, I was the leader of Green Team at my school. Our main project was building a rooftop garden which we successfully accomplished. I also drove innovative solutions during the ‘Global Enterprise Challenge,’ a collaborative competition centered on Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission was to establish a distinctive eco-conscious company focused on reducing energy waste through carbon reduction. Our ingenious response involved crafting paper-based batteries. I also have experience in childcare through which I learnt how to effectively communicate with younger children.

    Experienced Japanese tutor
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    AABB at A-LevelAchieved full marks in Japanese GCSEAward for Highest Score in English A-LevelOffer from DurhamOffer from BristolOffer from King's College LondonOffer from Minerva University
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    Experienced Japanese tutor
    University of Edinburgh
    Distinction in ConservationDistinction Marine Biology MScPhD- 2019Senior Fellowship.

    I am a lecturer in sustainable academic practice at Edinburgh Napier University and alumna of the University of Oxford, Bangor University and Auckland University of Technology, where I completed my PhD in marine social-ecological systems. I have a background in teaching English as a Foreign Language to students from over twenty countries across the world and of all abilities and age groups. I also have specialisms in working with students with learning difficulties and specific learning needs.
    I have a strong background in teaching Biology up to and including A-level for all exam boards. I am an adaptable, friendly and flexible tutor, catering to different student requirements and implementing concept-checking and understanding in a step-by-step process. My hobbies are painting, writing, cooking, pilates, swimming and yoga. I also enjoy raising my family by the seaside.

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    Read some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

    How much do Japanese tutors cost per hour?

    The cost of a Japanese tutor can vary depending on their qualifications and experience. Generally, private tutors charge between £30.00 and £50.00 per hour, with online lessons often slightly cheaper than in-person lessons

    Can you take Japanese lessons Online?

    Yes, you can take Japanese lessons online! All of our tutors offer online tutoring, most of them through our state-of-the-art online classroom which has been built by us to meet all your needs.

    Which exam boards offer GCSE Japanese?

    Currently the only exam board offering GCSE Japanese is Pearson Edexcel. The exams will test your skills and understanding in speaking, reading, listening and writing.

    How does Study Mind support my GCSE Japanese prep?

    Whether you want to start from the beginning or focus on key areas that you are struggling with, our GCSE Japanese tutors will create a personalised study plan so that you can be confident walking into the exam.

    What exam boards offer A Level Japanese?

    Pearson Edexcel is the only exam board that offers A Level Japanese. These exams build upon knowledge gained from GCSE Japanese and includes more advanced understanding in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

    How can the A Level Japanese Tutors help me prepare for the exam?

    Our Japanese teachers are here to support you in your learning goals. Whether it's in person or online, our tutors are all experts in the Japanese language and culture and will build a programme suitable for you that will include interactive learning opportunities, progress updates and high-quality Japanese resources so that you can continue to revise for your exam outside of the tutoring lessons.

    Can I study Japanese at IB Level?

    Yes! Whether you're studying for the MYP Japanese e-assessment or as a Language B subject for the IB diploma, our IB Japanese tutors can support you in all areas of your exams, from speaking to cultural understanding. Contact our team today for a FREE consultation.

    Our students say

    Our family are moving to Japan and my daughter starts school soon. While it is a British international school, I still wanted her to learn Japanese. The Japanese teacher was brilliant with her and made the lessons fun and engaging. They used some great interactive resources that she could use to continue practising in between lessons.
    We moved to the UK last year but I still wanted my son to continue learning our home language. The Japanese tutor was very patient and made sure he was teaching him new vocabulary and also made sure that he didn't forget what he knew. I really liked getting updates on how he was progressing and how I could help him further at home.
    Alexander S
    The lesson was very informative, as well as enjoyable. The content was explained very well, and the atmosphere was very positive.
    Godric T
    She’s responsible and always responsive, my son likes her very much.
    Rhea S
    Had a great lesson with Hikari, we went through a range of practise questions which were really helpful and Hikari helped me to understand concepts which I found more difficult very well. Thank you!
    Rhea S
    Had a great lesson with Hikari, we went through a range of practise questions for a test I have coming up. Hikari explained concepts really well to me and was super friendly. Thank you!
    Rhea S
    Had a great lesson with Hikari, we went through a range of practise questions together in preparation for a test coming up. Hikari explained concepts really well to me and was super motivating and friendly. Thank you!