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Brilliant key points, concise but detailed and really highlighted the importance of preparation. The techniques for answering different styles of questions were especially useful!


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    Experienced Statistics tutor
    Experienced Statistics tutor
    University of London
    Data Science and Business Analytics
    26 ratings
    Achieved 6 9s and 2 8s at GCSEA* A* A A at A-LevelFirst Class Honors in BSc Data ScienceReceived offer from QMUL

    Hello! I’m a recent graduate who has just finished my final year exams for a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics. I have a strong passion for mathematics and statistics, and I’m captivated by the fascinating field of data science! I also have experience teaching primary and secondary mathematics, which stems from my passion for the subject.

    With a strong foundation in both theory and practical applications, I’m eager to share my expertise and help students navigate the exciting landscape of Mathematics, English and other key subjects. My academic background has equipped me with a deep understanding of statistical methods, data analysis, and the art of transforming raw data into actionable insights, which I hope to share with the students I teach.

    I am dedicated to creating a learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also makes the journey enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

    Experienced Statistics tutor
    Experienced Statistics tutor
    University of Buckingham
    2nd Year
    13 ratings
    Given MMI style and traditional interviewsOffer from Brunel UniversityOffer from UCLanOffer from University of BuckinghamA*AB (A* in mathematicsA in biology and B in chemistry)A* in EPQAchieved 8 9s at GCSE

    I’m Lahari Dammala, a second-year medical student at the University of Buckingham, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of guiding you on your path to becoming a healthcare professional. I’ve secured offers from the University of Brunel, UCLan and Buckingham, passing both traditional panel and MMI-style interviews, and I’m eager to share my insights.
    As your mentor, I’ll demystify the application process, offer interview preparation, and help you develop the qualities medical schools seek.
    With a background in tutoring, I bring strong communication skills to make complex concepts accessible.
    My commitment is to support you in achieving your dream of becoming a compassionate healthcare professional. I’m here to answer questions, provide guidance, and share my experiences to help you succeed. Choosing me as your mentor means having an enthusiastic and empathetic partner dedicated to your success.

    Experienced Statistics tutor
    Experienced Statistics tutor
    University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    3rd Year
    12 ratings
    UCAT: Top 10% decile at 3010 B2BMAT: 6.5 in Section 2 and 5.4 in section 1Interview: Offer from NewcastleA levels: A*A*AGCSE: 999999988AEPQ: 100%

    My name is Nadia and I am a medical student currently studying at Newcastle University. I know that the interview cycle is tough for a lot of people, but I am here to help, having extensive experience with tutoring interviews, both for multiple mini-interviews (MMI) and panels.

    I tell all my students one thing: there are a plethora of questions these interviewers can ask you, and I cannot possibly teach you all of them. I am not teaching you answers to these interview questions, I am teaching you how to approach them. So regardless of what weird interview questions you get, you will be able to answer them with confidence. My students have had great success in getting into their university of choice, and have been satisfied with my teaching method, and I manage to create great rapport with the students.

    I am also experienced in teaching other subjects, such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, UCAT, BMAT, and the extended project qualification (EPQ).

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      Experienced Statistics tutor
      Experienced Statistics tutor
      University of Cambridge
      Natural Sciences
      12 ratings
      Cambridge BA 2022UCL MSc 2024Offer from CambridgeOffer from ImperialOffer from DurhamOffer from UCLA*A*A*A* at A-Level11 A*s at GCSE

      Hi, I’m Fran! I am a postgraduate student at UCL, studying for MSc Science Technology and Society, which I hope to finish in 2024. In 2022, I graduated with a BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, where I specialised in Materials Science in my final year. I’m super passionate about science, and love science communication and policy-making. In my spare time, I enjoy rock-climbing, reading, board games, and music.
      I have been tutoring privately for around 4 years now, and I love it! I enjoy spreading my passion for science and love discussing new and interesting topics and issues in science with my students. I think it’s really important to engage children and young people with science, to encourage the next generation of medics, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

      Experienced Statistics tutor
      Experienced Statistics tutor
      University of Buckingham
      3rd Year
      9 ratings
      top 15% in ucat overall recieved 3 interviewsplymouthsouthamptonbuckinghamoffer from buckingham A*A*AA at a-level 3 9's2 8's4 7's2 6'sA* icttutor for science&ict and PE 3 years agonational maths& biology challenge got silverreal estate job over 5 years and been promoted.

      Hi I am Aanchal! Im a 3rd year medical student at the university of buckingham. I love teaching and tutoring and helping others gain knowledge for many reasons, most importantly the rewards of my students passing is like no other. I have tutored before and have been successful at it and as a tutor I am very flexible and friendly and am able to meet your needs to avoid disappointment. I was born raised in England but am interested in health in other countries as well. I have quite a bit of experience in the medical field and would love to share this knowledge as everyone should benefit. In the future i hope to become a plastic surgeon and am currently working towards my goals. Please do contact me if you have any questions and i will try and respond within a few hours and thats a guarantee 🙂

      Experienced Statistics tutor
      Experienced Statistics tutor
      University of Oxford
      Philosophy, Politics & Economics
      1st Year
      6 ratings
      Offer from OxfordA*A*A*A At A-LevelA* in EPQTop 5% in TSA

      Hello! My name is Tareef and I am currently a 1st year student studying at the University of Oxford.
      For some context, I attended an underperforming state school for my secondary school (only 25% of students get a grade 5 in English and Maths), yet I managed to achieve the highest results in my school (5 grade 9’s and 3 grade 8’s). Whilst studying for my GCSEs, I found out that tutoring other students also helped me reinforce my learning and I realised I enjoyed helping my peers also succeed by teaching them the trickier concepts on a 1-to-1 basis that they would otherwise have not received.
      After my GCSEs, I was fortunate enough to get a full scholarship to my local grammar school, which is where I did my A-Levels – achieving grades of A*A*A*A. The Sixth Form provided great tailored support throughout my Oxford application, and I hope to provide this support to capable students who have not been fortunate enough to receive the same level of support.


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        Thank you so much for these lessons, they have been super beneficial so far and I have no doubt that they will be for anyone else. Honestly, the best tutors I have had so far.
        Reza tahmid was a wonderful tutor, explained the topic through notes as well as drawings to help us get a visual understanding and made sure everyone understood. Really liked the way he would asks us questions and everyone’s interaction.
        The statistics tutor is so helpful, after every review session things are starting to make more sense as his style of teaching is gradual and connects many ideas together. I asked many questions which were sometimes off topic yet he still managed to give time and answer them which was really nice! Thanks to the whole team for these sessions!
        Asma ReyezAsma Reyez
        The teaching is great by my tutor and I'm able to understand the topics I didn't understand I'm class. She is also really friendly so I can ask all my questions without any worry.
        BluelightningCJ wilkinBluelightningCJ wilkin
        I would have to rate my experience 5/5. I feel like I've really been able to connect with the tutors and learn so much with there help feels like I would of never of gotten too this stage without them. Been a real pleasure to work with them.
        omer sharafomer sharaf
        The tutoring is great to be honest.The Tutors are really helpful and ensure that we fully understand the topics before moving on. As students, we have full control of what we want to cover in each lesson. It's been a great experience and my improvements have been evident. Would definitely recommend

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          What tutoring do you offer for Statistics exams?

          We offer A-Level Statistics and GSCE Statistics Tuition for Statistics Exam Preparation. Contact us to know more!

          🧑‍🏫What is Statistics?

          Statistics is both the science and the art of learning from data. It is concerned with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, as well as the effective communication and presentation of data-driven results.

          🌟Is studying for statistics easy?

          Statistics has a reputation for being a difficult curriculum, particularly when studied in college because it mixes math ideas to create an analysis of a data set that may be used to comprehend an association in the data. We recommend studying with a Statistics Tutor to have the easiest study syllabus and someone to check your solutions.

          ⚖️What are the topics will be covered statistics GCSE?

          Our GCSE Statistics Tutors will cover Probability and Statistics Probability, Averages, Standard Deviation, Sampling, Cumulative Frequency Graphs, Representing Data, and Histograms for you.

          📝Is statistics A-Level hard?

          On the surface, they don't appear to be as challenging as new math concepts. However, statistics is a difficult and subtle subject, and the questions are not as simple as they appear. They cover a wide range of topics that are typically covered at the university level. For the best results, studying with an online 1-1 A-Level Statistics Tutor can increase your success by 40%.

          ✨ Is statistics a lot of math?

          Statistics is a discipline of applied mathematics concerned with the gathering, description, analysis, and derivation of conclusions from quantitative data. Statistics' mathematical theories rely largely on differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory.

          🗺️I’m an international student, is that an issue?

          Absolutely not! We support diversity in higher education and are committed to assisting foreign students in enrolling in UK-based educational institutions and helping them complete external tests. Our Statistics Tutors are friendly and enthusiastic to all students!

          ✍️How long will it take to improve my score?

          The answer is as individual as you are! Improving your score will take a mix of improving your basic skills, exam knowledge and answering speed.

          Your statistics tutor will be able to optimise your studying, so you make the most progress in the shortest amount of time.

          📑How will my tutor help me to improve my Statistics Test score?

          All of our Statistics instructors will walk you through our precise, current study materials, created to provide you with more exam practice and give you a greater understanding of the various question types.

          You will receive a unique lesson for each section. The tutors will walk you through the exam sections you are having trouble with and provide you with useful strategies.