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    Experienced Politics tutor
    Experienced Politics tutor
    University of Nottingham
    Medicine Graduate Entry
    3rd Year
    332 ratings
    Distinction in Chemistry A levelHelped 6 receive UCL and Leicester offerLecturer Bioethics Princeton University

    Hello everybody!!! My name is Dana and I am very excited about tutoring and giving students the opportunity to fulfill their dream to become doctors. Aim high and never get tired of achieving your dreams is my mantra.

    A start in life signed by trauma and many difficult other circumstances could have represented the word end to the perspective of aiming high. Many people around me kept reminding me to “keep it simple and stay low”. I did not listen.

    I worked very hard to get to the level of achievement that would have made me go to places I wanted to be. And I did it with some tears, and by changing two countries from my original native country of Italy. But mostly I did with the joy of knowing that one day I would have GOT THERE.

    BSc and MSc in Political theory at LSE

    PhD and Postdoctoral Research Appointment in Bioethics at Princeton University. Being the youngest, only female and foreign member of the Department of Politics in Princeton, working with and learning from some of the biggest bioethicists alive gave me the sheer pleasure of thinking “I HAVE ACHIEVED MY DREAMS”.

    Then severe illness stroke, I become unable to work at the usual standards that had given me success and happiness. A need to reinvent one’s life and start afresh materialised.

    After recovering from illness, mid-late thirties, my journey towards medicine has started. At thirty plus I attended College to achieve A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths with best result of the year for Chemistry.
    Prepared for GAMSAT and received high scores the very first time sitting.
    Received 4 interviews and 2 offers in total.




    Experienced Politics tutor
    Experienced Politics tutor
    University of Oxford
    Philosophy, Politics and Economics
    6 ratings
    Offers from: Oxford (PPE) Imperial (EFDS)TSA: Top 5%Offer for OxfordOffer for WarwickHelped 7 Oxbridge Offer1st Class PPE DegreeHighest mark in International Economics in OxfordFirst Oxford offer in school in 5+ yearsAchieved 10 A*/A GCSEAchieved top 10% Politics score in Oxford

    Hi everyone! My name is Will and I have recently graduated from Oxford with a First Class Honours degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. I studied at New College, where I was an academic scholar specialising in Economics and Politics, where I received the highest mark in my graduating cohort in my International Economics module. Prior to this, I attended a non-selective state school in special measures, so I know how daunting the application process can be first hand! I would be happy to help any student regardless of their educational stage — from choosing the right course or college, to building the skills to score highly in the admissions process! I believe my own educational journey paired with my past successful tutoring experience will help me work with students to improve their grade, increase their confidence, or to secure a place at Oxbridge!

    Experienced Politics tutor
    Experienced Politics tutor
    University of Cambridge
    Human, Social, and Political Sciences
    4 ratings
    Offer from CambridgeA*A*A at A-LevelOffer from Birmingham

    My name is Mariana and I am a Human, Social, and Political Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge. I am an outgoing team worker, who is committed to knowledge and learning. I am a keen sportsperson, having been a part of netball, rounders and athletics teams competitively. I love travelling and learning (trying to) languages. I am fluent in French and would like to add more languages to my arsenal. Within my degree, I specialised in Politics and International relations, with my optional papers I took a decolonial approach to politics and international relations, which encouraged me to read into theory in greater depth. I am sociable and always willing to meet new people and helping others as well as having new and exciting experiences from trying Kangaroo burgers to travelling solo.

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      Experienced Politics tutor
      Experienced Politics tutor
      University of Cambridge
      2 ratings
      Interview: Offer from Cambridge for LawA-Level: Achieved 3 A*sEPQ: Achieved A*GCSE: Achieved 8 A*s

      Hello! My name is Eva and I am a Law graduate from the University of Cambridge. I have been tutoring for over 4 years and have helped many students get the grades that they want through personalised feedback and personal support. My students have ranged from primary school students to sixth-formers about to sit their A-Levels. I got 8 A*s and 2 As for GCSEs, 3 A*s for A-Levels (and A* in EPQ) and got full marks in my interview at Cambridge. I also got a score of 30 for my LNAT. I use my knowledge to push my students to achieve their best and I am passionate about getting you to where you want to be. I have helped over 15 students get into Oxbridge since I have been tutoring and all of them have benefited from my personal statement support as well as my mock interviews. Having completed 3 years of Law, I have an excellent eye for detail and a lot of skills that you as my student can take advantage of. As a tutor, I am an open book and always here to help and answer your questions!

      Experienced Politics tutor
      Experienced Politics tutor
      King's College London, University of London
      MA Critical Theory
      IELTS 8.5CEFR C2 (English)SAT 95th PercentileDistinction in EnglishDistinction in HistoryDistinction in Political ScienceFull Undergraduate ScholarshipDean's Roll of Honor (Undergraduate)Offer from KCLOffer from UCLOffer from LSEOffer from EdinburghOffer from BristolOffer from Warwick

      Hi! I am currently a postgraduate student at King’s College London, pursuing a degree in Critical Theory. I am passionate about sociology and social philosophy, which form a major part of my academic research at university. I am a keen, critically-oriented tutor, eager to interact with a breadth of students. Education is perhaps the only space where a wealth of ideas may circulate amongst people with no inherent hierarchy, and I want to channel this potential into productive, progressive goals. I thrive on building new connections and engaging in thoughtful conversations, encouraging practices of mutual respect and open-mindedness no matter whom I am talking to. Being a tutor should never mean that one is “superior” to those they are tutoring; instead, it merely signals more experience which, when communicated with nuance and complexity, allows for a two-way exchange rather than a top-down, teacher-student relationship. I look forward to working with you!

      Experienced Politics tutor
      Experienced Politics tutor
      University of Oxford
      Philosophy, Economics, and Politics (PPE)
      4th Year
      Oxford PPE studentHelped several students receive Oxbridge offers

      Nice to meet you! My name is Riya, and I am in my final year of studying PPE (specialising in Economics) at the University of Oxford. I am originally from Cheltenham, where I studied Maths, Further Maths, Economics, and Physics for my A-levels. After finishing university, I will start a job in management consulting, and I hope to also continue tutoring. In my free time, I enjoy playing the violin in orchestras, travelling, and swimming.

      I have extensive tutoring experience across many subjects, including: Economics, Maths, English, Philosophy, Oxbridge Entrance (PPE, E&M, and Economics), TSA, and 11+. I have taught across all age groups — from pre-school to Upper Sixth. I am passionate about education — I have just returned from a month in Indonesia, where I taught English in an elementary school, and I am currently finalising my TEFL qualification.


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        It was a thorough and well explained course about the Government & Politics exam. I feel more confident about taking it now.
        Brilliant key points, concise but detailed and really highlighted the importance of preparation. The techniques for answering different styles of questions were especially useful!
        Thank you so much for these Government and Politics lessons, they have been super beneficial so far and I have no doubt that they will be for anyone else. Honestly, the best tutors I have had so far.
        Wonderful tutor, explained the topic through notes as well as drawings to help us get a visual understanding and made sure everyone understood. Really liked the way he would asks us questions and everyone’s interaction.
        The teaching is great by my IB global politics tutor and I'm able to understand the topics I didn't understand I'm class. She is also really friendly so I can ask all my questions without any worry.
        BluelightningCJ wilkinBluelightningCJ wilkin
        I would have to rate my experience 5/5. I feel like I've really been able to connect with the tutors and learn so much with there help feels like I would of never of gotten too this stage without them. Been a real pleasure to work with them.
        The a-level government and politics tutoring is great to be honest. The tutors are really helpful and ensure that we fully understand the topics before moving on. As students, we have full control of what we want to cover in each lesson. It's been a great experience and my improvements have been evident. Would definitely recommend

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          What tutoring do you offer for Government and Politics exams?

          A-Level Government & Politics teachers, GCSE Government & Politics tutors. Especially, we also have IB Global Politics Prep Courses available. Our tutors are fully qualified and skilled in their respective disciplines; contact us for more information!

          🧑‍🏫Is it hard to study government and politics?

          The difficulty of studying government and politics can depend on individual interests and aptitudes, as well as the specific course or program being studied. However, government and political theories can be complex and require critical thinking, analytical skills, and strong communication abilities. Additionally, government and politics can be influenced by a wide range of factors, including historical events, cultural contexts, and current events, which can present unique challenges to understanding and interpreting the subject matter. That being said, having a tutor or mentor who can provide guidance and support can help make the learning process more manageable and engaging.

          🌟What is the studies of Government and Politics?

          The study of government and politics is called political science 1. It involves using scientific methods such as empirical observations to understand the systems of governance and power 1, analyzing political ideologies and theories, and exploring how political decisions and policies impact society. It is a social science that can cover a broad range of topics, including domestic politics, international relations, comparative government, and political theory.

          ⚖️Is Government and Politics a good study?

          Government and Politics can be a good field of study for those interested in understanding how power and governance impact society. It provides opportunities to critically examine political issues and processes 1, develop research and analytical skills, and understand the reasons behind political decisions and policies. Studying Government and Politics can also lead to career paths in public service, law, journalism, international relations, and many other related fields. However, it ultimately depends on an individual's interests and career aspirations.

          🤔 Who are the Government and Politics tutors?

          All of our Psychology tutors are experienced students that have scored exceptionally in their GCSEs and A-Levels. We carry out rigorous checks to make sure our tutors are professional, responsible and approachable. All tutors are DBS checked and all lessons are recorded to create a safe and friendly learning environment. Along the process, your tutor will build a relationship with you, acting as a teacher, motivational coach and friend!

          🎆 What is unique about our Global Politics Tutoring

          Our IB Global Politics tutor can provide many benefits, such as providing personalised guidance and support, breaking down complex theories and concepts into more manageable parts, assisting with exam preparation, and helping to develop effective study habits. Tutors can provide feedback on written assignments, assist with research and developing arguments, and help students synthesize and analyze ideas. Furthermore, they also share their knowledge and insights about the global political landscape that may help students gain a better understanding of current events and issues.

          🗣️ Is the Government & Politics Tuition online or face-to-face?

          All of our tutorings takes place online in MS Teams Classroom. We have developed fantastic slides, and we share our screen with you during the lesson, making the learning experience interactive and effective. We provide an interactive experience, incorporating slide-based learning with illustrative diagrams and also a focus on past papers. Online tutoring is convenient, as we can work around your timetable, and you can learn from your home! Lessons are recorded on MS Teams, so you can watch them back to re-cap the lesson.

          ✍️How long will it take to improve my score?

          The answer is as individual as you are! Improving your score will take a mix of improving your basic skills, exam knowledge and answering speed.

          Your Government and Politics tutor will be able to optimise your studying, so you make the most progress in the shortest amount of time.

          📑How will my tutor help me to improve my Politics Test score?

          All of our instructors will walk you through our precise, current study materials, created to provide you with more exam practice and give you a greater understanding of the various question types.

          You will receive a unique lesson for each section. The government and politics tutors will walk you through the exam sections you are having trouble with and provide you with useful strategies.