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Imperial College School of Medicine
2nd Year
Checked DBS
Rating 5
Pleased student 2
Teaches subjects 9

About Me

Hi, I am Akshaya Muthirulandi, a first-year medical student at Imperial College London. I have always loved mentoring – having mentored two GCSE children in maths and biology and eventually mentoring an entire class in GCSE maths. However, my favourite mentoring experience that I’ve had is when I led my school’s elected medical society, where we guided year 12s through the application process (through my experience) so that they would be ready for when they reached year 13. And so this inspired me to start mentoring through the medic mind. As this application process is at times challenging, I hope to be a helpful hand through the process and guide you step by step (giving you any tips and tricks that I may have procured). As you can probably tell from the video, I would say that I am quite cheerful and would be very happy to help you at any stage – as all questions are welcome.

My teaching style

I would consider myself quite an adaptive teacher. Everyone is unique, and I believe that everyone learns with different methods. I like to create quite a welcoming environment to allow for the free flow of thoughts and to give you a chance to answer questions (as active revision can be helpful). However, there will be no pressure because I want to push you without making you uncomfortable, as this will achieve the best results.

My Proudest Achievements

Achieving my schools Lower Sixth distinguished work award (for achieving 4A* and an A in my mocks).
Achieving an Advanced 1 in Bharatanatyam 🙂

I teach

  • Medicine Interview
  • Med Personal Statement
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Further Maths
  • BMAT
  • UCAT

My Results and Achievements

  • 7 9's (3 8's) at GCSE
  • A* Biology
  • A* Chemistry
  • A*A*A*A at A-Level
  • 47/50(A*) EPQ
  • Offer from Imperial College London
  • Interviewed at Cambridge University
  • Interviewed at Queen's Belfast University
  • Top 10% in S2 (6+)

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