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University of Birmingham
3rd Year
Checked DBS
Rating 5
Pleased student 27
Teaches subjects 13

About Me

Hi, I am 3rd Year Dental Student at University of Birmingham. Having received 3 offers to study Dentistry I believe I have the priceless knowledge and skills needed to help others through the different stages of the application process from UCAT, Personal Statement and Interview stages. Furthermore, my academic excellence throughout secondary school has allowed me to pick up techniques and ways to excel in many subjects which are proven through my exam results at A-Levels and GCSEs. I am hardworking and diligent and will go above and beyond to provide the best resources and teaching for my students. Having had experience going through the process of applying to Dentistry I understand whats the best and most efficient ways to excel in different subjects allowing student to persevere to achieve their maximum potential.

My teaching style

Being very organised myself I would include a lesson plan for each session and would run that by the student before each session to allow them to make any alteration that they feel is necessary. I tailor my classes specifically for the student’s needs and help boost their progress and confidence in the subject they are learning. I personally find using a whiteboard really helpful and the students can take the diagrams and notes we make together and use them as revision aids. I think it’s important to adapt the lessons based on upcoming exams or deadlines to make the best use out of these lessons. I believe practice makes perfect so we would do mock questions together to mimic exams so students feel confident.

My past experience

I have helped many dental applicants with personal statement and interview prep allowing them to achieve all their offers from universities they applied to.

My Proudest Achievements

For me one of my greatest achievements is being awarded a scholarship by University of Birmingham for my Dental Personal Statement this meant a great deal to me as I put a lot of time in curating a personal statement that would give me the best possible chance of getting offers from Universities. Furthermore, my academic excellence throughout school in my GCSEs and A Levels proved that with my hard work and determination I was able to fulfil my maximum potential academically which has allowed me to study Dentistry at University.

I teach

  • Dentistry Interview
  • UCAT
  • Dent Personal Statement
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • Biology
  • Geography

My Results and Achievements

  • Scholarship from Uni for my Personal Statement
  • Top 10% in AR- 830
  • All interviews I sat I received offers from
  • Achieved 3 A* at A Levels
  • Helped many students receive all offers this year

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