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University of Cambridge
Land Economy
1st Year
Teaches subjects 11

About Me

Hi, my name is Arnaud and I’m a first year land economy undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, St Johns College. I am passionate about helping others access Oxbridge and teaching students at a younger age get into good schools and improve their learning. I achieved 3 A*s and 2 As at A level and eleven 9s at IGCSE. I applied to both US and UK universities so can help with queries on the processes as I ended up choosing Oxbridge over Brown University (Ivy League). I play competitive football and rugby and am interested in a career in sustainable investing.

I can help out with admissions tests to senior school – Maths, English, Non-verbal and Verbal Reasoning.
I can tutor Maths up to GCSE level and Economics A level
I would love to help anyone applying for Land Economy at Cambridge with their personal statement, questions or interview preparation techniques
I can help people going through the US application process
I can give advice on senior school choices and Oxbridge vs US universities decisions

My teaching style

I want to be engaging and helpful to my students. I will make sure to take onboard student-specific feedback and go at the right pace for each student. I also hope to build a good relationship between the student and I.

My past experience

I have tutored GCSE maths to younger students at school, Set up and tutored in a scheme within my boarding house for younger students to seek help in their subjects and worked in community projects as a reading assistant and math teacher.

My Proudest Achievements

Winning the daily mail national rugby cup at Harrow School
Being made Deputy head of school at Harrow
Achieving A levels that got me into Cambridge and an Ivy League

I teach

  • Oxbridge Interview
  • Harrow School Admissions
  • 7+ and 8+ Tutors
  • 13+ Tutors
  • 13+
  • 11+
  • Common Entrance
  • Land Economy
  • Harrow Admissions
  • ISEB
  • Economics

My Results and Achievements

  • Achieved 3 A*s and 2 As in A level
  • 1520 in SAT
  • Eleven 9s at IGCSE
  • Cambridge Land Economy
  • Accepted to Ivy League University
  • Deputy Head of School Harrow

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