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University of Cambridge
Natural Sciences
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About Me

Hi, my name is Anindita (or Ani) and I recently graduated from Cambridge, where I studied Natural Sciences.
I studied a really broad range of subjects in my first year at Cambridge – Maths, Physics, Cell Biology, and Evolution & Behaviour. Though I applied to Cambridge as a physical natural scientist, I actually ended up specialising in Zoology in my final year, and am now about to start a MSc in Ecology and Data Science from UCL. I aspire to become a conservation scientist!

I really loved my time at university, and was active in several different societies, especially my college’s boat club. I am happy to help with personal statements for Oxbridge, as well as with NSAA and interview prep for Cambridge.

I went to school in India, and therefore did an A-level equivalent syllabus. However, I am also happy to tutor science at the GCSE level, and A-level Biology, Physics, and Maths 🙂

My teaching style

I believe in always having a detailed schedule laid out in advance, especially for someone preparing for an interview or an admissions test, as this ensures that you prepare the very best you can in the available time.

Additionally, I emphasize developing a very thorough understanding of concepts, rather than a superficial one. This is especially important when it comes to Cambridge interviews!

My Proudest Achievements

Getting into Cambridge, and then learning how to balance my time between different societies/activities and my degree!

I teach

  • Oxbridge Interview
  • NSAA
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Zoology
  • Maths
  • Natural Sciences

My Results and Achievements

  • 5 A* in A-level equivalant
  • received 5/5 university offers
  • Offer from Cambridge
  • Offer from UCL

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