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University of Oxford
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About Me

Hello! My name is Zarah, and I am an English literature and language graduate from the University of Oxford.
My journey to Oxford from a state school has taught me more than anything the importance of understanding the process. Having a mentor myself, I greatly benefitted from learning about the Oxford system, and now I have gone through it, I would love to pass on this information.
My hobbies include reading, watching films, cooking and travelling. As a student, it is so important to not lose your hobbies and instead use them as a break from work to avoid burnout. That is why I emphasise to my students that overworking, while it may help retain information, is detrimental to exams and interviews. Being overwhelmed is what we want to avoid, and so my tutoring emphasises working efficiently more than anything. I hope to help students learn how to set and achieve goals through efficient working routines and am excited to help you on your journey to A*s and Oxbridge.

My teaching style

My teaching style revolves around a student’s learning style. Whether they are visual or auditory learners, my tutoring adapts to their needs in order to get the best out of a student. I also make sure to create a practical and useful teaching schedule to get the best results.

My past experience

i have been tutoring KS2-A level for four years

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievements have been travelling the world, going on adventures and conquering my fears.

I teach

  • Oxbridge Interview
  • ELAT
  • English
  • English Literature
  • Reading
  • Phonics
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • History

My Results and Achievements

  • Interview: successfully got an offer from Oxford
  • offer from St Andrews
  • offer from Bristol
  • offer from SOAS offer from Nottingham
  • helped student receive offer from Oxford
  • University of Oxford English Ambassador
  • workshops for prospective Oxford English students
  • A Level: Full mark coursework
  • A* A* A English literature History Philosophy
  • GCSE: Achieved 9 8's and 9s

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