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University of Leicester
Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience
2nd Year
Teaches subjects 2

About Me

Hello, my name is Chidera and I am a second year psychology student. Music has always been my biggest passion besides psychology and I come from a musical background. I started my musical journey aged 7 when I started learning classical guitar. When I was 10 I started taking clarinet lessons in a class-wide program, but was the only student to continue for the rest of primary school. I also had piano lessons for 4 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of musical ensembles since primary school, and I am currently part of my university’s orchestra and concert band, as well as my home city’s youth orchestra. During my first year I auditioned for and was subsequently awarded a scholarship for my music lessons. I am very interested in teaching as I believe through my years being a student myself I have the experience of many methods of teaching, and I would love the opportunity to enrich someone else’s life as music has done mine.

My teaching style

I am a very flexible tutor, and able to adapt my lessons depending on my students’ needs. I am also very empathetic towards the busy lives of all ages, particularly those in exam-taking years. My lessons would include scales practice, providing help with pieces, advice on efficient practice methods and music theory help.

My past experience

I have some experience tutoring younger family members, in both practical and theory aspects.

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievements would be completing my grade 8’s in both classical guitar and clarinet alongside my A level studies, as well as being accepted into my local city’s youth orchestra.

I teach

  • Clarinet
  • Guitar

My Results and Achievements

  • Music GCSE grade 9
  • ABRSM clarinet grade 8
  • ABRSM classical guitar grade 8

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