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Tokyo International University
Business Economics
1st Year
Teaches subjects 25

About Me

Hello! 🌟 I’m thrilled to introduce myself as an enthusiastic individual who recently achieved exceptional results in my Advanced Level examinations, securing 1A* and 2A’s. This academic achievement paved the way for me to embark on an exciting journey at TIU, where I’ve been awarded a 100% scholarship.

My passion for connecting with people is evident in my outgoing personality. I thrive on communication and have been honing this skill throughout my academic journey. My academic focus has been on business since the 7th grade, providing me with a solid foundation in the field.

Beyond academics, I’ve found joy and fulfillment in teaching. Drawing from my experience at an English teaching company, I specialize in helping students master pronunciation and engage in basic English conversations. My time at an elementary school not only reinforced my love for teaching but also highlighted my knack for interacting with and entertaining little ones through games and activities.

Outside the realm of education, I am a multi-faceted individual with diverse interests. Art, travel, and sports are not just hobbies; they’re outlets that fuel my creativity and sense of adventure. I find immense joy in sharing my knowledge and engaging with others, whether it’s through teaching, conversations, or collaborative activities.

I’m excited about the opportunities ahead at TIU and am eager to contribute my passion for learning, teaching, and connecting with people to the vibrant community.

My teaching style

Energetic business enthusiast turned English pronunciation coach with a passion for engaging conversations. Experienced in elementary education, I blend playfulness with learning, making language acquisition enjoyable. Art, travel, and sports are my hobbies.

My past experience

Taught at GSET helping students make basic english conversations and improving their pronunciations
Taught at an elementary school and played many games and other educational activities with students

My Proudest Achievements

Proud achievements include leading as a prefect, excelling in debate and Model UN teams showcasing leadership and teamwork. Achieved certifications in netball, athletics, basketball, and badminton. Passionate about art, participated and excelled in school art competitions.

I teach

  • 11+
  • 13+
  • 13+ Tutors
  • 7+ and 8+ Tutors
  • English
  • Reading
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Phonics
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Street Dance
  • Sports
  • Physical Education
  • Personal Training
  • Cycling
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Specify in notes

My Results and Achievements

  • “A*AA at A-Levels”
  • “Scholarships from TIU Japan”
  • “Certifications for many sports; Netball
  • Athletics
  • Basketball”
  • “Love music”
  • “300/300 for AS Accounting”
  • “School prefect so good leader”

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