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University of Cambridge
Natural Sciences
1st Year
Rating 4.7
Pleased student 9
Teaches subjects 5

About Me

Hello! I’m Reina, a first year at the University of Cambridge currently studying Natural Sciences. I specialise in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Maths, all of which I’ve taken at A Level and am continuing to study in University, although I’m now learning the Biology of Cells specifically. I can help with any aspiring scientist with general A Level/GCSE content, personal statement or competitive essay writing, and interview help! Given that I’ve also gone through a 16+ selection process, I can also assist with sixth form applications, especially to schools like Westminster (where I graduated). Throughout my sixth form, I collected a stash of interview questions (collected from other natural sciences applicants), class notes, and Olympiad style questions which I am excited to share with any student. I also have tips and resources on research paper/essay writing, including on how to do comparative analysis, selecting the right sources, and how to find these sources in the first place

My teaching style

Being a visual learner myself, I like to draw diagrams when teaching as I find it to be more intuitive. I usually begin by introducing the fundamentals of a topic combined with occasional practice questions to ensure understanding. Once I’m sure the student is comfortable with the basics, I ask targeted/guiding questions to explain the more complex topics. If university application is the goal, I am also able to give mock interviews and work through Olympiad/NSAA questions together with my students. I also like to encourage active discussions/dialogue just to really make sure every topic is understood

My past experience

I have previously tutored GCSE and A-Level Chemistry and Biology. I have also worked with students on 16+ entry and University entry

My Proudest Achievements

Third Place Newnham Biology Essay Competition, Gold in British Chemistry Olympiad

I teach

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Specify in notes

My Results and Achievements

  • A* EPQ
  • Newnham Biology Essay Award 3rd Place
  • Gold + Silver British Chemistry Award
  • Gold Star Intermediate Chemistry Award
  • Gold Biology Olympiad
  • 1560 SAT
  • A*A*D1D1 A Level

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