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Saint George's Hospital Medical School, University of London
2nd Year
Checked DBS
Rating 5
Pleased student 5
Teaches subjects 16

About Me

Hi, I am Ekansh, a second-year Medical student studying at St. George’s, University of London. I am quite experienced with tutoring, and as someone who is a recent school leaver, I am also well acquainted with teaching these concepts to fellow peers back when I was still in school.

I have scored well in both GCSEs/IGCSEs (8 A*s) and in IB (43 points), as well as getting 97th percentile (3040) in the UCAT when I sat it during the 2021 session. I am also somebody who received all interview offers as an international applicant applying to the UK, and managed to secure 4 offers for medicine at Newcastle. St. George’s, University of London, UCLAN and Brunel.

I am someone who is very approachable, as I believe that this is a key quality that a teacher must showcase to their students, in order to foster a better relationship between them. In doing so, students can easily ask any doubts and clarify any ideas that they may have trouble understanding, or any external affairs that may be bothering them.

Additionally, I believe that my own personal successes during my time at school came from having approachable and reliable teachers, as well as peers, that were there to support me every step of the way, which included and was not just limited to the subject content that they were responsible for teaching. In doing so, they went above and beyond their duties and really helped foster a safe and nurturing environment for me to progress with my education, which I hope to do with my students as well.

Given below are the grades I have received in both GCSEs, IGCSEs and IB:
– Edexcel Mathematics (9-1) – 9

– Additional Mathematics (A*)
– Physics (A*)
– Chemistry (A*)
– Computer Science (A*)
– Biology (A*)
– French (B)
– English Literature (A*)
– English Language (A)

– Biology HL – 7
– Chemistry HL – 7
– Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL – 7
– Physics SL – 7
– English A: Literature SL – 6
– French B SL – 6
– TOK – A
– Extended Essay – A

My teaching style

I would like to describe my teaching style to be interactive, as I believe that the best way to learn something is not starting from scratch, but instead building on prior knowledge that you may have. In saying so, I like to engage students by asking what they already know about the subject matter, and then helping them in enhance their knowledge and strengthen their foundation by using a variety of techniques, such as exercises, worksheets and active recall.

My past experience

I have taught GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Math before. Given below are my prior experiences:

Mentoring and Tutoring with Oman Medical Youth Society (2019 – 2022)

I co-founded an initiative along with friends called the Oman Medical Youth Society, where a group of about 70 high school students from across the world who were interested in medicine came together to share their research, insights and discuss the latest news about medicine.

As part of my responsibilities, I needed to research articles and papers on the latest news in medicine and compile a comprehensive article with insights on the topic, with what we as medicine school aspirants could learn from it. An example of this is when I oversaw mentoring students about epidemiology, and how it is important in today’s day and age, with a focus on the Spanish flu and its parallels with COVD-19, where I had to use standardized assessments to evaluate abilities, interests and characteristics of different students.

Course Instructor and Head of Logistics with Mathletes Oman (2020-2021)

Mathletes Oman was a national student-run organization to deliver free Math classes, with the aim of making education easily accessible and interactive for students of any age group that had their learning disrupted by COVID-19. I was a course instructor within this organization, where I was responsible for handling classes that had 15-20 students attending each class, with different areas of math being focused upon every week.

Furthermore, I was the head of logistics for the summer competition that we ran over the course of a week, where I was tasked with finding with the most suitable software and resources that could be used to facilitate a fun and productive learning environment for everyone involved.

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievements include having scored in the 97th percentile (3040) in the UCAT during the 2021 testing session, and having achieved 43 points in the IB diploma programme.

Apart from these academic achievements, I also pride myself in helping co-found a startup to help students all around the world in learning more about their passion in medicine, and collaborate together to discuss the latest news in medicine

I teach

  • Medicine Interview
  • UCAT
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • A-Level / IB Extended Essay
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Medicine

My Results and Achievements

  • 97th Percentile in UCAT
  • 3000+ in UCAT
  • First Year Medicine Student
  • Interviews from all 4 medicine universities
  • Academic tutor for 2 years
  • 700+ in VR
  • 800+ in DM
  • 750+ in QR
  • 750+ in AR
  • Interview invite from St. George's
  • Interview invite from Liverpool
  • Interview invite from Bristol
  • Interview invite from Newcastle
  • Interview invite from UCLAN
  • Interview invite from Brunel
  • Interview invite from Buckingham
  • Scored 43 in IB
  • 777 in HL
  • IB Biology HL 7
  • IB Chemistry HL 7
  • IB Physics SL 7
  • IB Math AA HL 7
  • Achieved 7 A*s in GCSEs
  • Received offer from St. George's Medicine
  • Received offer from UCLAN
  • Received offer from Brunel
  • Received offer from Buckingham
  • Extended Essay A
  • TOK A

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