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University of Bristol
1st Year
Rating 4.7
Pleased student 35
Teaches subjects 8

About Me

Hi, I’m Aanchal! I’m Bristol-based now but I’m from Wolverhampton.

I used to struggle to motivate myself for GCSEs and A-Levels, but I worked really hard to find what is effective, in terms of revising for a healthy amount of time, understanding and feeling good about the content, and still managing to maintain a social life. It can be really discouraging to put a lot of effort in and still not make the progress you expect, but that’s usually due to the way you’ve been approaching it! I hope to provide more useful methods to get difficult concepts to stick in your brain, so you can make better use of your time and commit things to your long-term memory sooner. Not only will this pre-emptively lighten your exam season workload, it’ll make you feel much more confident in your performance.

Applying to medical school is one of the most daunting experiences most applicants have had and it is very easy to let nerves affect your performance, but with both the UCAT and the interview, it’s all about keeping a clear head! And confidence is a way to be able to do that, which just happens with enough practice, little and often, with the right approach. Personal statements are less difficult than they seem, you just need to see it as an opportunity to sell yourself and you’ll be surprised at how much it helps you with interviews as well, since it’s essentially a long answer question to “Why do you want to study medicine and why should you?”

My teaching style

My teaching style is very dependent on breaking down complicated concepts into more manageable sections and building up from there to avoid feeling overwhelmed and insecure. From there, repetition and active recall is the way to go,

My Proudest Achievements

My UCAT score was 3090, so I was in the top 2% of the UK, and this helped me get into Bristol Med, which has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. I’m also proud of getting AAA in my A-Levels, especially since I wasn’t in the best place mentally.

I teach

  • Medicine Interview
  • UCAT
  • Med Personal Statement
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • A-Level / Religious Studies

My Results and Achievements

  • 870 in QR
  • 880 in AR
  • 730 in DM
  • Offer from Bristol
  • AAA at A-Level
  • Offer from Sheffield

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