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University College London, University of London
1st Year
Checked DBS
Rating 4.9
Pleased student 39
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About Me

Hi, I’m a first-year student at UCL, reading Medicine. I’ve taken the UCAT and BMAT entry exams (details of which you can see on my profile). I’ve tutored a range of age groups and abilities, and provide coaching tailored to your needs.

My personal statement granted me medical interviews with all 4 universities, and I have carefully analysed what makes a successful personal statement and interview- to back this up, I received a reduced offer from Southampton Med school due to interview performance.

I strongly believe that every applicant has an edge that just needs to be developed/marketed correctly;

Maybe you have completed a range of hospital placements- however, can you effectively express what you learned from the doctor’s behavior (as opposed to listing and name-dropping)?

Maybe your experience is limited to non-medical backgrounds (part-time jobs as tutors, cashiers)- how will you use this to prove that you have developed the skills necessary to become a doctor in the same manner as medical work experience?

Are you an older applicant- how will you use your age and various experiences to shape your profile during an interview?

These are all questions you should be asking yourselves, and I am excited to help you guys along the way!

My teaching style

Tailored to not only your strengths and weaknesses but also the schools you aim to apply for; for example, KCL and UCL have a holistic approach to valuing exam scores, whereas Cardiff University focuses particularly on the Situational Judgement score. As such, the time dedicated to each component of the UCAT/ BMAT, as well as the order in which they are targetted, varies from student to student.

With interview coaching, I have created my own condensed lesson plans for students that need to cram interview prep last minute, as well as more developed plans for students that prefer to approach slow and steady. The content taught is tailored to how well you answer, so as to make maximum use of your lesson times and constant feedback is provided.
The first session typically consists of a ‘diagnostic test’ to see how you approach questions and a comprehensive questioning of all the experiences, extracurriculars, skills, etc developed over the years. After this, my students often find that they had forgotten about some of the above.

I have accumulated a number of reviews (see below) and some frequent feedback I receive is that I use each student’s unique set of skills/ experiences to set their application apart and provide precise areas of improvement.

Happy to adapt to your learning styles and can give a mix of everything to help you find an efficient method!

My past experience

I have 3 years of tuition experience teaching sciences, UCAT, BMAT, personal statement reviews and interview prep- both 1-1 and large full-day/weekend crash courses on behalf of the top medical application prep companies (medic-mind, 6med,UniAdmissions) with stellar feedback and results. I have taught over 100h with Medic Mind, alone!

Have taught primary, secondary, and GCSE levels. Have also taught the elderly (65 years and older) and autistic students. Have coached school leavers, graduates, and even applicants in their late 30s.

My Proudest Achievements

For a while, getting into my first choice med school was a key achievement for me but during my time as a med application tutor, I have found that helping applicants achieve the same goals I had brings such satisfaction (as cheesy as it sounds)!

A key memory is one of my older applicants telling me that I made her feel like she had something special to show the interviewers, as she had previously thought she had a weak profile as a middle-aged applicant. However, some probing quickly revealed that there was much to say about all the experiences she had had!

Reviews (9)

I teach

  • Medicine Interview
  • 11+
  • BMAT
  • UCAT
  • Med Personal Statement
  • Dent Personal Statement
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Biology

My Results and Achievements

  • bmat top 10% S1 (6.5)
  • UCAT top 15% (2820)
  • UCAT QR top 10% (700)
  • UCAT DM 800
  • 4 interview invitations
  • offer to UCL med school
  • offer to KCL med school
  • offer to Southampton med (reduced-interview score
  • offer to sheffield med school

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