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University of Nottingham
Bsc Hons Mathematics and Economics
2nd Year
Teaches subjects 19

About Me

From a young age, I’ve always been taught the importance of academics. Having gone through the process, I also understand the strenuous process required to achieve academic success, whether that be for 11+, GCSEs, A Levels or even University Admissions. Having written the 11+ all across the country, I successfully got into a plethora of grammar schools, finally choosing Wallington County Grammar School for boys. Having attended this establishment, I was granted an unfair advantage in the sense that I was constantly surrounded by the smartest boys in the country, in an environment where we constantly pushed each other to constantly strive towards perfection, not just academically but with life in general. Beyond this, with regards to University Applications, I was gifted the opportunity to seek help from alumni attending the top Russell Group Universities, and also teachers who have helped students gain places at these top universities for many years. I understand that not many people are gifted the same opportunities as I was, and hence why I became a tutor, I want to help students achieve their goals and ambitions, whether that be with regards to the world of academia or university applications. Whilst the latter does also have other factors impacting it, namely luck, I firmly believe that if you set your heart to anything, with the right guidance and hard work, anything is possible.

My teaching style

Having tutored both within and outside of school, I have the experience and grades to know how to succeed in exams. Every student is different and as such, they need to be taught things in a manner which they can understand, so with my sessions, I will quickly grasp an understanding of the student and tailor my sessions around the needs of the student. More generally speaking, once the student understands the content taught, I will place emphasis on past papers and understanding the ins and outs of the mark schemes to ensure that the students know what the examiner is looking to see, as solely having the knowledge isn’t enough to achieve the top grades.

My past experience

As mentioned above, I have tutored both outside of school and within. my main tutoring experience lies within mathematics. Within school, I was asked by my maths teacher if I was willing to tutor a student in my year after school, owing to my consistent high performance and passion for the subject. I taught her some tips and tricks that she can use in exams and also ran her through some challenging questions, and in the end she went from a C grade in year 12 to an A grade in year 13. Outside of school, I would regularly tutor some family friends and during University, I worked at a maths tuition centre, however I had to relieve myself of this pressure, due to timing constraints, however with this platform, I will be able to timetable myself according to my needs, not someone else’s discretion.

My Proudest Achievements

With regards to the world of Academia, it would have to be between two things. The first being awarded the Woodstock Cup for Academic Excellence in the Upper School, for achieving the best A Level results in the whole school. The second would be during GCSEs. I struggled a lot in a subject called Classical Civilisation (essentially ancient history) and the teacher at the time, told my parents that I’d be lucky to achieve a 5 in the subject (which is what I got in the mocks). After this, through hard work and dedication, I proved him wrong and achieved an 8. Whilst the subject itself is of no relevance to my current academics, it felt amazing to prove my teacher wrong.

Outside of Academia, it would have to be my sporting achievements, such as making University Teams for badminton and cricket, and also reaching milestones in cricket (scoring half centuries and centuries)

I teach

  • 11+
  • MAT
  • TSA
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Further Maths
  • Economics
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Swimming
  • Statistics
  • Mechanics
  • Pure Maths
  • Accounting and Finance
  • A-Level Re-take Tutor
  • Oxbridge Interview

My Results and Achievements

  • A Levels: 4A*
  • Woodstock Cup (best A Level results in school)
  • A* in all subjects offered for tutoring
  • GCSE Add Maths and Further Maths A and A*
  • Previous Tutoring Experience

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