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TSA Past Papers

Welcome to our TSA Past Paper Bank with TSA Past Paper Compilations for TSA Section 1 and 2 along with detailed explanations and worked solutions. During your preparation for TSA 2023, it is very important to do all of the TSA past papers and TSA questions available online. Once you've finished a TSA past papers, remember to spend time thoroughly going through the answers for the TSA past paper and learning from any mistakes you've made! TSA questions can be tricky, and you may find it useful to get help from one of our TSA tutors who can focus on your technique and help improve your approach to TSA papers. Visit Oxbridge Mind for specialist support: Beyond the Official TSA Papers, students often use BMAT questions which are for a different exam which is very nearly the same for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Check out some TSA type questions here -

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      What is the TSA?

      The TSA is the Thinking Skills Assessment and is a 2-hour exam used by the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and UCL. It is used as part of the undergraduate admissions process for some courses, including, but not limited to Psychology, PPE and Geography. The TSA requirements are different from varying courses and universities.

      What is the structure of the TSA?

      Different universities and courses require different questions/sections in the TSA. For example, the TSA Oxford has two sections. Section 1 is 90 minutes long and is made up of 50 multiple choice questions. Section 2 is 30 minutes long and consists of a writing task.

      How do I prepare for the TSA?

      We suggest using the official resources provided by the University of Cambridge. There are full papers available from 2008-2020, as well as a sample paper. TSA answer keys and some explained solutions are provided for the papers. We recommend working through all of the past papers under exam conditions and then focusing revision on your areas of weakness.

      Is the TSA a difficult exam?

      Students often find the TSA difficult, but Study Mind's experienced TSA tutors will support you every step of the way and there are plenty of resources available to help you do well.

      Where do I find TSA questions and past papers?

      Study Mind's TSA Past Paper Question Bank contains all the TSA past papers from 2008 onwards. In recent times, however, answer keys for Section 2 have not been released so these may be unavailable.