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King's College London, University of London
4th Year
Checked DBS
Teaches subjects 6

About Me

Hello! My name is Shyam and I am going into my fourth year of medicine at King’s College London, and I am looking to help students who are applying to medical school. I have had interviews at four universities and achieved a top 10% score in the UCAT, so I can teach you the skills I learnt along the way. Having struggled with motivation during the application process, I do understand how overwhelming things can be. Balancing both studies and UCAT/interview prep is no easy task, so I hope to be of valuable support and create a structured learning plan to make your pathway not just easier, but also more enjoyable.
I have taken part in mentoring programmes and worked with family friends to help them to get into medical school, and I strongly believe that I can help you succeed in achieving the same thing. You are in the driving seat, so we can work together to find the best way for you to learn.

My teaching style

I aim to tailor each lesson to what the student would like to work on and from this, we can together create a loose structure for future lessons. This can always be adapted if we need to focus more on difficult sections.
For written exams, like the UCAT, I firmly believe practice questions should be the foundation of your learning, and we can talk through these during the lesson and you can use them afterwards as revision, to consolidate your knowledge.
For interviews, we start with more challenging questions and can talk through frameworks/guidance to help you answer these questions more confidently, and I can give you examples of answers that I used in my own interviews and that I have learnt by talking with peers and doctors. Once again, this is very adaptable and we can find the most efficient way for you to make progress.

My Proudest Achievements

Gaining entry into King’s Medical School
Mentoring peers to pass OSCE examinations

I teach

  • Medicine Interview
  • UCAT
  • Med Personal Statement
  • Football
  • Guitar
  • Piano

My Results and Achievements

  • Offer from KCL
  • 735 UCAT Average
  • Top 10% (800) in AR
  • 9A*1A in GCSE

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