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The Queen's University Belfast
2nd Year
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About Me

Hi, I’m Avi!
I’m a 2nd year Dental student at Queen’s University Belfast
I’ve completed my A levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry.
I’ve been tutoring now for around 2 years and really enjoy working with students to help build their confidence, develop knowledge and skills, and also to achieve great results

I’ve always had a strong passion for science, a subject which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning and now also tutoring. I achieved all 9s in my GCSEs in all the sciences and maths and continued these into my A levels.
I have a really good understanding of the demands needed to achieve the top grades and I believe I can help provide you with the methods and strategies required to achieve your potential and smash your exams!
I want my students get their best possible outcomes and I can provide the support needed for that to happen. I know each student is different so I like to provide a flexible approach while teaching

My teaching style

My way is to work with my students in a way where I help them with any questions they have so they have a very good understanding of the topic required. I like to first identify strengths and weaknesses, and then make personalised lesson plans for all my students as well as giving feedback.
I also to teach whole topics so good foundations are laid down working the way through the course. I know and believe application is very important so I like to teach all the content and then after like to quiz and test my students so they are comfortable and are able to tackle any question.
In terms of GCSE and A level, I know what the examiners are looking for and am very well trained knowing mark schemes ensuring my students put the correct details to achieve their best.
I also like to provide my students with tricky questions which I will then explain and we will tackle together so they are able to smash their exams.

In terms of interview preparation I would love to help students secure their offer and get a place into their university of choice. I like to make the lessons interactive and present the topic/theme/idea that students may be unsure about and then provide questions related to these themes. This is then followed by my feedback. I also like to teach the core dental knowledge required for interviews and provide guidance on how to answer questions related to this. I will also provide my students with model answers that they can learn from by understanding key phrases that are essential to a good dentistry interview answer.
Helping to develop good communication skills and build my students confidence is something I love to do to ensure my students get their offer!

My past experience

I have previous experience tutoring experience and love working with my students to answer any doubts they have to help them succeed. I always ensure my students feel at ease and relaxed and open to asking all questions (as no question is a bad one)

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievement is when I made the England Chess Team

I teach

  • Dentistry Interview
  • Dent Personal Statement
  • 11+
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • English
  • Personal Statement
  • Chess

My Results and Achievements

  • Interview from QUB
  • Offer from Queen's University Belfast

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