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University of Manchester
3rd Year
Checked DBS
Teaches subjects 13

About Me

Hi there, my name is Rory and i am on my way into Third year at the University of Manchester (you may have read this several times on my account already!) and I am just starting to tutor through medic mind. I like to think i am a very easy going and relaxed medic. In my spare time i love to read and make music. At university, i take part in many extra curricular activities such as playing guitar in a band, playing tennis and surfing with the society on top of this. It is this that i believe demonstrates my ability to both excel academically while maintaining a vibrant social life, an attribute i would like to think enables a healthy and comfortable tutor- tutee dynamic, something i will strive for. Previously, I have tutored younger children for the 11+ entrance examination as well as taught them guitar. While medic mind is obviously a step up, I believe the fundamentals of tailoring a bespoke and engaging tutoring session is of utmost importance, ( I should hope medic mind will involve less tantrums and sweeties!). I vehemently believe that to teach someone is the best way of learning and growing, and as someone who will always strive for this, i would love the opportunity to tutor anyone who is interested. Im sure you will help me as much as i will help you.

My teaching style

I imagine my teaching is flexible and will vary from tutee to tutee, with emphasis placed on the work being interactive. I would like to have an exchange before the first tutoring session in which we can establish what the student would like to get out of our work. In the first session i will probe which learning styles the student is most responsive to.

My past experience

Stated above in the ‘introduce yourself’ section above.

My Proudest Achievements

My proudest achievement would have to be my UCAT score, not due to the score itself but instead to the tumultuous run i had leading up to it. Around 4 months before my test i broke my C2 neck vertebrae on a trampoline in what is sinisterly called a hangman’s fracture. This was meant i missed the majority of the summer holidays (quite literally) caged in a halo traction. To endure this ordeal and subsequently excel in this exam is the thing i am most proud of.

I teach

  • UCAT
  • 11+
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Maths
  • English
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Bass Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Medicine Interview

My Results and Achievements

  • UCAT: 2850 top 6% in 2019
  • 830 in AR
  • 720 in DM
  • 2/4 offers received KCL and Uni of Manchester
  • all interviews Bristol and Newcastle
  • 5 9s GCSEs
  • GCSE science all 9s
  • Both English 9s
  • A's in a level biology chemistry and history
  • 3rd year medicine at University of Manchester

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